28 December 2017 | Star Wars: The Card Game

New Allies

Swayed by the Dark Side Is Now Available for Star Wars: The Card Game

“I could be mistaken. They’re using a very primitive dialect. But I do believe they think I am some sort of god.”
–C-3PO, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Throughout the Alliances cycle for Star Wars™: The Card Game, you’ve been driven to push the boundaries of individual factions and forge alliances with the other great powers in the galaxy. You may be bringing the ancient order of the Jedi together with the Rebel Alliance and a coalition of Smugglers and Spies. Or, you might try to harness the power of the Scum and Villainy in the service of an Imperial Navy led by the Sith. No matter which side of the Galactic Civil War you find yourself upon, you’ll find new cards for your decks soon—Swayed by the Dark Side, the fourth Force Pack in the Alliances cycle is now available for Star Wars: The Card Game!

Like the other Force Packs of this cycle, the ten new objective sets (two copies each of five distinct sets) included in Swayed by the Dark Side give you new ways to build your decks. You can walk the streets of Tatooine cities at Night alongside units like Myo or Black Krrsantan, or relive the climactic trench run at the end of A New Hope with backup from Biggs Darklighter. You may even choose to forge your alliances with the creatures native to the forest moon of Endor, the Ewoks.

Sacrifice and Unity

In Star Wars: The Card Game, the Ewoks have long specialized in fighting together against the forces of the dark side. Alone, Ewoks can be overwhelmed by stronger or more technologically developed forces. But when fighting together, they’re even capable of destroying an entire legion of the Emperor’s finest troops.

Of course, the first step to overwhelming your opponent with hordes of Ewoks rushing across the battlefield is to call them into action. Feast of Honor (Swayed by the Dark Side, 2141) is the perfect tool to start gathering your forces, because this free event reduces the cost of every Ewok unit you play this phase. Ewoks are already known for having relatively cheap deployment costs, and when you reduce them further with a Feast of Honor, it’s easy to see how you could flood the board.

Having plenty of Ewoks in play is crucial for making the most of the Ewok Ally (Swayed by the Dark Side, 2140). You’ll find two copies of this unit in the objective set, and so long as you control three or more Ewok units, your Ewok Allies gain edge (1), making them even more dangerous. What’s more, with a deployment cost of two, they only cost a single resource to bring into play when you’re holding a Feast of Honor, making them a perfect investment for a cheap, cost-effective unit.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Ewoks has been their fragility in battle. Though they can accomplish great things when united, they can fall in battle relatively easily when caught individually. The objective of this set, Native Blessings (Swayed by the Dark Side, 2138) offers a partial counter. Native Blessings boasts a massive eight damage capacity, and it also bears the protect Ewok keyword, helping you keep your units alive when it desperately counts. Of course, there may be reasons that you actually want to sacrifice your Ewoks to attain a greater goal. Ultimate Sacrifice (Swayed by the Dark Side, 2142) lets you cancel the effects of any event—potentially stopping your opponent’s plans in their tracks. The only price you need to play is sacrificing one of your Ewoks.

Even being sacrificed is not necessarily the end for your Ewoks, however, especially when you have Logray (Swayed by the Dark Side, 2139) in play. Logray is a formidable unit in combat, and he makes all of your Ewoks elite warriors, keeping them from being pinned down by focus tokens. More importantly, however, after Logray is focused to strike, he immediately lets you put an Ewok unit with a cost of four or lower into play from your discard pile. With the ability to keep recurring your Ewok warriors, even in the face of punishing losses, Logray can bring any Ewok deck to the next level.

Part of the Tribe

The Ewoks of Endor proved to be critical allies for the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Endor. Will they fill a similar role in your own games of Star Wars: The Card Game?

Find your new allies when you pick up your own copy of Swayed by the Dark Side (SWC40) at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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