27 January 2017 | Organized Play

The Next Quarter

Pre-order Quarter 3 Organized Play Kits By February 23!


Pre-orders for Quarter 3 Kits are now open! Be prepared for your in-store events between July and September, and pre-order these exclusive bundles of prizes to award to your players!

Quarterly Kits are available for all competitive games supported by Organized Play (click here for a full list). The window to pre-order these Quarter 3 Kits closes on Thursday, February 23rd. Be sure to place your pre-order before time runs out!

New: The brand-new Runewars Miniatures Game will join our Quarterly Kit program starting in Quarter 3! Read below for more information about the new prize and event composition for the Runewars Miniatures Games Challenge Kits.

Click here to go to the Quarterly Kit webpage, and learn more!


What is a Quarterly Kit?

The Quarterly Kit program is the way that Fantasy Flight Games supports recurring Organized Play in local game stores around the world. Each kit is a bundle of prizes, not for resale, that can be offered as prizes to players who participate in in-store events. A new Organized Play kit for each of the games supported by Organized Play is released each calendar quarter, with refreshed prizes to keep players coming back again and again. These official prizes can be used in place of the game's original components, usually featuring new or extended art or innovative token designs. These prizes prominently display a player's active participation in their community, and their victories at specific events.

Quarter 1 Tournament Kit for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

For most of the supported competitive games, we offer a new Tournament Kit each quarter. Each contains 17 of a Core Prize Card, 3 of an Elite Prize Card, and 2 of an Elite Prize Item. Instructions for a optional, specially-named, concise tournament event are also included for ease of organization. Retailers are also welcome to utilize these kits and their prizes during another event.

NEW: Runewars Miniatures Game Challenge Kit

The unique and exciting gameplay in Runewars Miniatures Game led us to create a tailored experience for in-store events. The new Challenge Kit will be offered and refreshed quarterly, and contains a wealth of prizes, as well as an optional event outline which utilizes the kit for three in-store tournament events for up to eight players.  At each of the three tournament events, players will compete in one round of normal tournament play, and one round utilizing a specific Deployment and Objective card. For the third tournament event, the Deployment and Objective cards are brand-new, created specifically for that quarter's Challenge Kit!

In addition to multiple Core Prize Cards, plus Elite Prize Cards and Items, additional prizes are included for random distribution and a painting award. Retailers can also choose to use this kit and its prizes during another event. Be sure to read the upcoming prize preview article closer to the debut of these kits for the full content listing, the optional event outline, and the painting award criteria! And don't forget to pre-order your Launch and Escalation Kits for Runewars Miniatures Game by Thursday, February 23rd!

Pre-order Now

Retailers should be sure to pre-order enough Quarterly Kits to support their in-store events for all of our competitive games planned from July through September! Placing your pre-order by Thursday, February 23rd is the only way to guarantee access to these retailer-exclusive kits!

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