Corruption Begins

Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption Is Now Available for Road to Legend


Nerekhall has never embraced the light. Far from merely toying with powers better left untouched, the entire city was nearly destroyed after the demonic outbreak unleashed by Gargan Mirklace. Now, the city council insists that the shadow has passed—but in the darkness beneath the city, new plots are hatching, and even heroes may be manipulated into destroying Nerekhall from within. 

A new chapter is beginning in your adventures with Descent: Journeys in the DarkNerekhall: Seeds of Corruption, the newest campaign for the Road to Legend companion app, is now available for free download!

While previous adventures have challenged you to surpass the greatest dangers of Terrinoth’s wilds, Seeds of Corruption brings you into one of the Free Cities. Far from being a bastion of safety, the veneer of order simply pushes evil schemes deeper beneath the surface. With seven brand-new story quests and a labyrinthine storyline that bridges Nerekhall and Greyhaven, you and your fellow adventurers will experience a new brand of danger in this campaign.

Important note: In addition to the Descent: Journeys in the Dark Core Set, Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption requires the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion to play.

Enter the Shadows

More than any of your other adventures in Terrinoth to date, Seeds of Corruption invites you to actively determine your fate by the choices that you make, and even the conversations that you have with the people you meet. As the campaign begins, you’re locked in the sewers below Nerekhall, trapped after a job gone wrong. You’re locked in the darkness, stripped of your equipment, and you need to find a way to escape. But you’re not alone—there are others locked there in the dark with you. Will you choose to free both of your strange companions? One of them? Neither? No matter what you choose, the ramifications will stretch throughout the rest of the campaign. 

Similarly, you’ll soon find yourself pulled between the machinations of two rival powers. Verminous, the Rat-Thing King, is the one who trapped you in the sewers—but it seems that he’s not interested in hurting you. In fact, he may have a job for you. Choosing to aid him or reject his offer is up to you, but every step you take away from Verminous is a step closer to the shadowy powers arrayed against him. There are no neutral sides in Seeds of Corruption. Every step you take entangles you deeper in the schemes that entwine the cities of Nerekhall and Greyhaven. Still, you may be well rewarded for earning the favor of one side or the other—priceless artifacts and powerful abilities are yours for the taking if you serve well.

Even as you move between the cities of Terrinoth and advance through the campaign, the stain of Nerekhall may seem to follow you. You will be offered power—and on the surface, the price of that power might seem cheap. But there are ties that bind which run beneath the surface, and the price of drawing power from the shadow may be more than you can bear. Yet without that power, do you even stand a chance of defeating the darkness that surrounds you? You must make your choices carefully, and remember that in Nerekhall, every debt is called due, sooner or later.

A City Besieged by Darkness

It’s time to return to Terrinoth, with a stunning new campaign that challenges your heroes in completely new ways and brings you into the shadowy alleys and orderly facades of Nerekhall. Take up your arms and prepare for battle—no matter what you fight for, your resolve will be tested in Seeds of Corruption.

Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption, the newest campaign for the Road to Legend companion app, is available for free download today!

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