30 September 2016 | Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Life Undercover

Preview the Species and Specializations of Endless Vigil

In these dark times, almost all Force-sensitives exist in some sort of secrecy, some form of exile. A Guardian may never reveal what it is that enables him to anticipate trouble or triumph in battle against all odds. A Seeker may simply choose to stay on the run all her life so that no one gets to know her close enough to sense her abilities. A Consular may serve as a planetary politician, relief worker, or ambassador within the Rebel Alliance while doing everything possible to conceal his power.

Perhaps more than any other Force users, however, Sentinels tend to embrace a double existence. During the hours comprising their “normal” existence, Sentinels often seem to be ordinary citizens of the galaxy. Who would ever suspect the elderly weaver on the corner, the door guard at the casino, the shy waitress at the bar, or the underage pickpocket to be able to wield the Force? In fact, sentients throughout the galaxy are secretly using the Force every day to help others in their communities, undermine Imperial oppression, or even just survive. 

Endless Vigil, an upcoming Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ supplement, offers Sentinels the talents and tools they need to continue fighting, living, and hiding. It offers Game Masters the resources they need to create detailed urban settings, complex contact networks, and challenging investigative adventures. In today’s preview, we’ll look at the new species and specializations that Endless Vigil offers to all Star Wars RPG players, no matter their Career. In addition, we’ll be fleshing out these character options a bit with backgrounds and moralities, because Sentinels in particular are so intimately tied to their communities, so given to following their hearts, and so profoundly shaped by their pasts. 

Private Investigator

The lanky, conservative Muun are best known for running the Intergalactic Banking Clan (IGBC), a massive organization that stabilizes credit everywhere credits are used. Whether because of their society’s immersion in the banking industry, or because of some innate ability, Muun are known to excel in mathematics and analysis, and therefore make an excellent species choice for PCs choosing the new Investigator specialization, which emphasizes Perception and Knowledge. Investigators are tough and street smart, but also shrewd, able to use the smallest traces of a crime to reconstruct what happened—and find the criminal.

Your Muun Investigator could very well be an official, perhaps part of the IGBC’s security or fraud investigations wing, or perhaps a banking clerk who purposefully maintains a low profile, investigating local crimes or gathering evidence of Imperial misconduct in his spare time. That character might also have the Frugality/Condemnation morality, avoiding extravagance and entanglement, holding himself and others up to an impossibly high moral standard. Or Pride could be your character’s strength and weakness: a sense of achievement in his work that is susceptible to becoming an exaggerated sense of superiority. 

Refugee Aid

Sentinels are deeply community-oriented, but that doesn’t mean they originated from the communities they now inhabit. Many populations were forced from their homes during the Clone Wars over twenty years ago; more are now being displaced by Imperial oppression and the planetary battles of the Galactic Civil War. Your Sentinel may in fact be a Sentry who guards and looks out for less able refugees, either as a refugee herself or as a sympathetic inhabitant of their new world. She could make a living as an aid worker and only wield a lightsaber under cover of darkness, or manage a crime syndicate that helps refugees survive by means of smuggled goods. You might play an older, maternal character who’s seen too many people harmed and won’t stand for it anymore, or an orphan raised in exile by a species other than your own. 

Like Sentinels of the Shadow specialization, Sentries prefer to stay hidden most of the time, but when faced with a threat to those they protect, Sentries will emerge from the darkness and refuse to back down. The Sentry specialization can also be a Lightsaber specialization, or you can take it to enhance your defenses across the board. With petite statures, strong wills, and durable exoskeletons, the Gand are perfectly suited for it—stubborn, watchful, and steadfast defenders of those they love.

Local Motion

Not all Sentinels (or all Force-sensitives, for that matter) are driven to altruism. Those who take the Racer specialization, for example, may have discovered their Force powers in the pursuit of wealth, fame, or excitement. Comfortable in any pilot’s seat and virtually unflappable, Racers may have honed their skills in the lucrative and lethal sport of pod racing, as petty thieves practiced in making quick escapes, or as wealthy businessmen who spend their money on fast vehicles. 

With a starting rank in Cool and an innate independent streak, Pantorans are well suited for the Racer specialization. You could play a celebrity Pantoran podracer, who can’t walk down the street on any planet without being approached by fans eager to examine the yellow markings on your chiseled, blue-skinned face. Or you could take on the role of a Pantoran aristocrat’s prodigal son to whom everything, from money to piloting, has always come easily. Now, however, his life is disrupted by uncanny powers that he never asked for and moral concerns he always tried to avoid. 

Take It to the Streets 

As a Sentinel, you feel most at home in the streets, whether you grew up in them, police them during the day, or haunt them alone at night. Whether you want to improve your community or undermine the Empire, whether you’re looking for a mentor in the ways of the Force or simply another cheap thrill, these new specializations and species will provide you with everything you need to build the iconic Sentinel. Endless Vigil doesn’t just take you into the galaxy’s darkened streets, it makes them yours. 

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