Populate Your Galaxy

Find Creatures, Villains, and Allies in Three New Star Wars RPG Adversary Decks

"You see those two? They'll trade work for transportation to the Outer Rim. There, you can disappear."
     –Maz Kanata

The galaxy is full of different individuals, each of whom has his or her own story to tell. And each represents a different possible direction for your future…

Expand your galaxy. Explore the many possibilities your future may hold. Three new Adversary Decks are now available for your Star Wars roleplaying campaign!

Encounter Rancors, Dark Troopers, Viper Probe Droids, and Gand Findsmen. Each of these Adversary Decks offers quick access to the stats and descriptions of twenty different NPCs that you can write into the core of your campaign or introduce at a moment's notice as you react to your players' decisions. And each is fully compatible with all three Star Wars roleplaying systems: Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, and Force and Destiny.

Creatures of the Galaxy

Your player characters have suddenly taken a massive turn. They were scheduled to collect their payment from a Hutt crime lord but have chosen, instead, to follow the rumors of fantastic treasure hidden in the wilds of a jungle planet. Or they devised a scheme you could never have anticipated, hoping to lure Imperial troops to the Outer Rim and ambush them amid a desert planet's rocky bluffs. Or they prove themselves daring enough to brave the swamps and native dangers of a remote, untamed wilderness planet in order to discover why the Force seems to be leading them there…

No matter where your characters go, or why they go there, the Creatures of the Galaxy Adversary Deck allows you to enhance the setting with different creatures that might be native to the environment. The Rancor, the Wampa, and the Nexu—they're all in there, as are a number of beasts your characters might hope to train as mounts or companions.

Whether your characters encounter them in combat or in other situations, the creatures from this Adversary Deck come to life with functional stats, evocative descriptions, and full-color artwork. And because you can find all this information on each creature card, your Creatures of the Galaxy Deck can save you valuable time that you might have spent thumbing through your rulebooks while your characters were trekking through the wilds of alien worlds.

Imperials & Rebels II

There are very few places in the galaxy where one might conceivably escape the ongoing conflicts of the Galactic Civil War. The Empire holds hundreds of systems and planets firmly under its control, and there's always a chance you'll run into one or more members of the Rebel Alliance anytime you travel to one of the worlds upon which the Empire doesn't have quite as firm a grip.

As a result, it's possible to run into characters from the different sides of the conflict no matter where you go, and you can give these characters immediate color and personality with the Imperials & Rebels II Adversary Deck. With NPCs ranging from Imperial bureaucrats and assassins to Mon Calamari Commanders and Rebel Quartermasters, this Adversary Deck can add color to all manner of different situations, not just combat encounters.

Moreover, because all the pertinent information for each NPC is printed on its card, along with a short description and art piece, the Imperials & Rebels II Adversary Deck makes it easy for you to help your characters develop their network of contacts and informants in their Age of Rebellion or Edge of the Empire campaigns. Simply hand them the card that corresponds to their newest contact, then let the players do the work of determining when the NPC and his or her skills might prove useful.

Hunters & Force Users

Although the Jedi Order was torn apart by Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and the coordinated efforts of Order 66, there are still Force-sensitive individuals scattered about the galaxy. They may be rare, and the galaxy may be vast, but fate has a way of drawing these remaining Force-sensitive characters toward each other.

With the Hunters & Force Users Adversary Pack, you can find more ways to bring these characters together in your Force and Destiny campaign. You may have bounty hunters paid by the Empire to track down Force-sensitive individuals. You may find reluctant mentors among the fallen Jedi. Or you may find Force users who have turned to the dark side and who can serve as ferocious and deadly nemeses for your characters.

Whatever you're hoping to find, there's a good chance you'll find it in this Adversary Deck; even if the Force guides you to encounters with Droidekas or a Jakobeast, its twenty different adversary cards have got you covered.

Endless Possibilities

Who will you meet? How will you greet them? Where will your journeys take you? One of the greatest joys of roleplaying is the freedom it grants you to pursue adventures wherever they may take you. And these three new Star Wars roleplaying Adversary Decks are more than collections of characters; they are keys to new adventures. They are paths to your many possible futures. They are tools to enhance the freedom of roleplaying.

Pick up your copies today, and begin to explore all that the galaxy has in store!

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