Commence Your Attack

So Be It Is Now Available for Star Wars™: The Card Game

“Commence attack on the Death Star’s main reactor.”
–Admiral Ackbar, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The Rebel fleet massing at Sullust has moved into position and begun its attack on the second Death Star! Simultaneously, an elite Rebel strike team works to disable the shield generator that composes the Death Star’s defenses. As the Rebels make their desperate assault, Imperial Star Destroyers are closing in, and an entire legion of the Empire’s best troops protects the shield generator. Whichever side you prefer, you can take your place in the rising action of Return of the Jedi with So Be It, a new Force Pack for Star Wars™: The Card Game that’s now available at your local United States retailer and online through our webstore!

In So Be It, you come even closer to the massive naval battle, thrilling infiltration, and confrontation between light and dark that mark the finale of Return of the Jedi. Within this Force Pack, you’ll find enormous Imperial cruisers and Star Destroyers, loathsome Sithspawn creatures, and iconic characters like Admiral Ackbar and Lando Calrissian in disguise as Tamtel Skreej. No matter which faction you support, this Force Pack offers new objective sets to enhance your decks.

Direct Your Flagship

The Endor cycle breaks new ground in several ways, but one of the most prominent is the introduction of mission cards—objectives that are played from your hand under your opponent’s control. These mission cards contribute to your victory when they’re destroyed, but they also offer you powerful abilities upon completion. Now, with the new Rebel Alliance objective set introduced in So Be It, you can take advantage of Admiral Ackbar’s leadership to complete the missions you need to bring down the Empire’s power. 

Since this objective set centers on attacking mission cards, it’s fitting that the primary unit is the commander who led the assault on the Death Star at the end of Return of the JediAdmiral Ackbar (So Be It, 984). Admiral Ackbar offers a wide range of benefits, befitting his cunning strategies and adaptability as a commander. He bears a resource, a range of combat icons, and the elite keyword, meaning that he can play a role in attack, defense, paying for your other cards, or even holding the Force. 

Admiral Ackbar can also have a powerful effect without ever setting foot directly on the field of battle: he grants each Rebel Vehicle unit an additional blast damage icon, provided the unit is attacking a mission. Blast damage is obviously crucial to achieving victory as the light side, and there are plenty of Rebel missions that you can focus on with the help of Admiral Ackbar. 

As you commence your assault, you may lead the vanguard with a squadron of Alliance B-Wings (So Be It, 985). There are two copies of this Rebel Vehicle unit in the set, and these units are extremely efficient, featuring a blast damage, a unit damage, and two damage capacity for just one resource. When you combine these Vehicles with Admiral Ackbar, they can become a true menace to any missions deployed under your opponent’s control. 

You may also be able to supplement your resources with this set’s objective card, Turning the Tide (So Be It, 983). Under normal circumstances, this objective provides a single resource, but whenever you play a mission card or a Rebel event card, you can remove a focus token from the objective—potentially granting you several more resources over the course of the game.

With an objective that triggers off of missions and Rebel events, it’s fitting that this set concludes with one of each. First, it offers a new event, Ackbar's Orders (So Be It, 986), that allows you to search your deck for any mission and put it into play! It’s immediately apparent how important this event is if your deck depends on attacking mission cards—it provides an extra level of consistency that makes the entire strategy more reliable. After all, if you don’t have missions to attack, your cards that focus on attacking missions aren’t very useful.

Finally, you can test your mission-destroying prowess with this objective set’s mission: The Final Battle (So Be It, 987). This mission features a massive ten damage capacity—the same as two normal objectives. However, if you specialize in completing missions, or you can focus your forces around making a single massive attack, the rewards can be well worth it: when you complete The Final Battle, you can immediately choose and destroy a target objective! Essentially, The Final Battle counts as two objectives in one, with the added bonus of knocking out the ability of your opponent’s most troublesome objective. If you build your deck around taking out missions quickly and easily, The Final Battle can put you on the fast track to victory.

The Time for Our Attack Has Come

The Rebel fleet has launched its attack. Will Han Solo and his team lower the shields in time? Will Luke Skywalker be able to face the Sith Lords and escape from the Death Star before it’s destroyed? You determine how the events of Return of the Jedi unfold with the new cards introduced in So Be It.

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