The Executor Arrives

The Forest Moon Is Now Available for Star Wars™: The Card Game

“We’ve got to give those fighters more time. Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!”
–Admiral Ackbar, Return of the Jedi

The first shots in the Battle of Endor have already been fired. On the surface of the Sanctuary Moon, Han Solo leads his strike team of elite Rebel soldiers to attack the shield generator with the help of the native Ewoks. Even as the Rebels battle a full legion of the Emperor’s finest troops, the Rebel fleet launches an all-out attack on the incomplete Death Star. What the Rebel navy doesn’t know, however, is that the Death Star’s superlaser is fully operational—and the bulk of the Imperial armada has been waiting in ambush! 

Take your place at the bridge of the Executor and crush the Rebels, or fight desperately to free the Alliance fleet from an unexpected trap. The Forest Moon is now available for Star Wars™: The Card Game at your local United States retailer and online through our webstore.

Like the other Force Packs in the Endor cycle, The Forest Moon invites you to relive the most climactic moments of Return of the Jedi or create your own stories of heroism in the Star Wars galaxy. The Forest Moon adds new tension to every edge battle with the Endor cycle's new fate cards, and it gives you the opportunity to field some of the most iconic capital ships in the galaxy, including Home One and Executor. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how the Imperials can trap the Rebels with the sheer might of the Super Star Destroyer, Executor.

Blockade the Moon

As an admiral of the Imperial Navy, the greatest Capital Ships in the galaxy are at your command. Numberless swarms of TIE fighters can be deployed against any objective, and the power of an orbital bombardment could wipe out all lifeforms on a planet. Despite your overwhelming power, you know that your goal is not purely to destroy; your weapons inspire great fear, and you can use that fear to control your opponents. What’s more, your technological superiority gives you access to more subtle ways of battling your enemies as well.

The Imperial Navy objective set in The Forest Moon initially seems to favor direct power over all else. Here, you’ll find a new, Imperial Navy-affiliated version of the Executor (The Forest Moon, 979), Darth Vader’s flagship. Compared to the Sith version of the Executor (Escape from Hoth, 308), this new Executor has several notable differences. The combat icons on the new Executor are more oriented towards attack, allowing it to crush enemy objectives in almost a single blow. This version also bears the elite keyword, and as soon as you play it, you can deal three damage to any objective! This alpha strike of firepower could easily destroy an objective damaged by a previous attack.

The Executor itself may be nothing more than an enormous, powerful weapon for smashing your opponent’s objectives, but when considered in the context of its objective set, it gains a new level of tactical ability. For instance, you may combine it with Rear Admiral Chiraneau (The Forest Moon, 980). The most important part of Rear Admiral Chiraneau is undoubtedly his ability, which reads, “Treat each enemy objective with 3 or more damage on it as if its printed text box were blank (except for Traits).” Under normal circumstances, if you want a troublesome objective like May the Force Be With You (Join Us or Die, 567) removed from the game, you must destroy it entirely. Rear Admiral Chiraneau allows you to blank an objective’s text without giving your opponent the chance to replace it with a new objective, and when you combine Rear Admiral Chiraneau with Executor, you can blank any objective on demand. 

Alternatively, you may set up a Moon Blockade (The Forest Moon, 978) to prevent your opponent’s communications and supply lines. The Moon Blockade objective offers a tangible reward for destroying enemy objectives: while you have a copy of an objective in your victory pile, all other copies of that objective are treated as if they’re blank. By blockading your enemy’s supply chain, you can ensure that once you get rid of an objective, it’s gone for good. 

Jamming Protocol (The Forest Moon, 982) is another means to foil your opponent’s plans. This event has a simple, elegant effect. When your opponent plays an event card, you can play Jamming Protocol to cancel its effects. Simply canceling an event may seem unimpressive, but the fact is that it can be game changing. Perhaps your Jedi opponent chooses to open his turn by playing Yoda, You Seek Yoda (Join Us or Die, 570). If you saved a resource, you can cancel the event and leave your rival with significantly reduced options for his first deployment. Other events can be canceled with similarly devastating effects. 

This objective set concludes with the Imperial Engineer (The Forest Moon, 981) and Battle of Endor (The Forest Moon, 977), a new fate card first introduced in the Endor cycle! While Battle of Endor only has one Force icon inherently, it gains an additional Force icon for each Endor objective and enhancement in play. Although this effect is capped after adding the third Force icon, that still gives Battle of Endor more Force icons than any other fate card in the game—perhaps enough to tip a crucial edge battle in your favor. 

Join the Battle

In the skies above Endor, the fleets of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire clash with the fate of the galaxy at stake! Take your place on the bridge and command your capital ships with The Forest Moon Force Pack. Pick up your copy at your local retailer today.

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