30 November 2016 | Mansions of Madness

Forbidden Knowledge

Preview the Mansions of Madness Expansion Beyond the Threshold


You may have felt hopeless before. Felt, perhaps, that there was no way out of the possessed mansion, its halls obstructed by serpentine monsters and shapeless creatures. And then, only to see your plight grow worse, as a new shroud falls further, covering your experience in a new darkness. An unrelenting blanket of despair lays over you, seemingly without edges under which to escape. Former friends now take the shape of foes, evil coursing through their veins. And when you can't trust those around you, all you have are your own eyes. But even your own mind has the capacity to deceive you, and deceive you it will. 

The first full game expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition is nearing its release. With a pair of investigators new to Mansions, four Thralls that may take the place of those you thought you knew, and a collection of six double-sided map tiles, Beyond the Threshold is full of new ways to experience the game. On top of the new characters, creatures, and areas to explore, the new expansion also introduces ever-moving map tiles as well as key tokens, marking mysterious items which may help or hurt you in the long run. Add those features to new spells, conditions, and damage and horror effects, and you'll be able to experience the two brand-new scenarios as well as your old favorites in new and unexpected ways.

New Blood

Akachi Onyele always knew she was different from her peers. From childhood, she found a unique comfort in solitude, and it was not until her village dibia acknowledged the greatness within her that she was able to harness her keen awareness and iron will in order to connect with the spirits. Entering the mansion as Akachi Onyele will bring peace to those who take solace in mental stability and thorough knowledge of the supernatural. With high ranks in Observation, Lore, and Will, she is well prepared to face the most horrifying of beasts. 

Far more reliant on his physical skills is Wilson Richards, the sturdy handyman. He has spent his life traveling far and wide, fixing both the mundane and the arcane. His ability to solve even the most mysterious problems and his good heart have led him down a curious path, though he sees no sense in turning back. Wilson's voyage through the mansion may be impulsive, but his Strength, Agility, and Influence make him a valuable player in both combat and conversation. 

A Trick of the Light

The new scenario maps will be made up of tiles from your base game alongside the six double-sided tiles in the expansion. Your upcoming adventures may take you into a shadowed attic or a damp and earthy basement, or simply take you through rooms and halls you've never explored before. However, the new expansion also affords your map tiles new abilities, turning your game on its end and challenging the strategies you've practiced building for months now. 

In the scenarios of Beyond the Threshold, it is possible that the map tiles you familiarize yourself with early in a scenario may begin to move around, reshaping the mansion in which your investigation takes place. Whether it's your eyes or your memory that are failing you, you can be certain that everything you think you know is unreliable, and any plans you make can change in a heartbeat. One room can move to a new location with you in it, while another may disappear from the board completely, forcing you to retrace your steps through the dangerous halls or venture further into the unknown.

At First Glance

Much like your previous adventures, you will find many items as you proceed through the new scenarios. From weapons to artifacts, each item you pick up may help you to progress further into the mystery. While these items have helped in many ways before, whether by allowing access to a new area, equipping your investigators for a fight, or boosting other abilities, some items will now play a different role. In Beyond the Threshold are four Key tokens which can be placed upon objects when directed. Any object which bears a Key token may help or hurt the investigator possessing it, perhaps in the many ways your items have helped before, or by drawing unwanted attention.

The Unknown Awaits

With numerous cases under your belt, you may be feeling confident about your investigative skills. However, the mysteries of Beyond the Threshold will test your strength and sanity once again as you forge through the darkness, collecting items of unknown value and exploring an ever-evolving landscape of horror. Prepare to return to the mansion and save the residents of Arkham from a fate worse than death, all the while fighting to save yourself from the very same fate.

Beyond the Threshold will bring even more horror to your local game store's shelves in early 2017. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for the first DLC scenario, available mid-December!

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