22 January 2016 | Organized Play

2016 Organized Play

Exciting Details on What’s to Come for FFG Organized Play in 2016


Players, Retailers, Organizers, and Fans!

Earlier this week, we looked back to the recent past and recounted the latest developments in Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play. Today, we have the pleasure of looking toward the future and sharing exciting details about 2016 with you!


FFG will be at AdeptiCon, March 31st-April 3rd, running tournaments in the event hall and demos at our booth. You can find out what games we’re featuring and our tournament schedule on the AdeptiCon website. Badge registration is already open, and we’ll have more details about this incredibly special event in the near future.

Spring 2016 Tournament Kits

The Spring 2016 Tournament Kit season is shifting slightly, starting in April and lasting through July. Retailers in the United States should keep their eyes on our website for an announcement when we are accepting preorders. International retailers should contact their distributor now.

2016 Regional Championships

A reminder that applications for 2016 Regional Championships in the United States and Canada were announced on January 14th. Retailers located in the U.S. and Canada have until February 3rd to apply to host one of these prestigious events. Other international retailers should contact their distributor for more details. The Regional Championship season runs from April 2nd through June 12th in the United States. In all other countries, the season will take place in May, June, and July.

2016 United States National Championships

Across the United States, Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play inspires not only a strong sense of community, but a fierce competitive drive. For all of those players looking for yet another venue to display their prowess, we are proud to bring you the 2016 United States National Championships! The Origins Game Fair will be a hub of competition June 15th-19th, in Columbus, OH.

Fantasy Flight Games is extremely excited to offer a National Championship to all of our devoted communities of players. You can visit the Origins Game Fair website now to find details on how to register for a badge. The full schedule of events and tournaments will be released before event registration opens in April. This is an exciting new event in the United States, and we’re proud to be part of Origins this year.

2016 North American Championships

Continuing the tradition of epic Organized Play at this epic convention, Gen Con will play host to the 2016 North American Championships! Tournaments and events will be held all four days, August 4th-7th. We will be sharing more information about the tournaments in March, and event registration will be available on May 15th. Badge pre-registration for Gen Con begins today, January 22nd, and housing registration opens at 11:00 AM CST (central standard time) on Sunday, January 24th!

2016 World Championships

Each year, we host the popular Fantasy Flight Games World Championships at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN. This year is no different, and we’ve already begun preparing an amazing event for the hundreds of players that will attend. The event will be held November 2nd-6th. Online preregistration will take place in April and will be staged over three weekdays, at a different time each day, to accommodate players around the world.

Similar to last year, seats in each game’s World Championship will be reserved for United States and Canadian Regional Championship winners, worldwide National Championship winners, North American Championship winners, and reigning World Champions. A more detailed schedule of the event and registration information will be released in April.

An Exciting Time

2016 is set to continue building on the fantastic Organized Play foundation we’ve laid over the past couple of years. We are excited to see you attend these events throughout the year and hear the engaging stories you create!

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