30 September 2015 | Arkham Nights

Impending Horrors

Arkham Nights Is Coming Soon


The blood moon has passed, but the dark times that it heralded are just beginning. Arkham Nights, our annual celebration of Lovecraftian gaming, is less than two weeks away and preregistration via our online store ends this Friday, so make sure that you do so before time—for you and for all humanity—runs out.

This year’s Arkham Nights takes place October 9-10 at the Fantasy Flight Games Center near our Roseville, Minnesota headquarters, and features beloved classics as well as new expansions. Games of Arkham Horror, Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, Mansions of Madness, Elder Sign, and Eldritch Horror will be running on both days, with plentiful opportunities for both veteran players and those about to be initiated into the mysteries of the Elder Gods or step through a gate into an Other World for the first time. 

Mysteries, Gates, Monsters, and Initiations

Over the course of the weekend you’ll be able to chat with and play games with old friends and new, as well as with FFG designers and developers. The devious, fiendish Samuel Bailey will be running games of the popular new Gates of Arkham expansion he designed for Elder Sign. Designer Nikki Valens, expert in numerous dark and arcane arts, will lead The Cycle of Eternity, a massive sixteen-player version of her game Eldritch Horror, featuring all four of the game’s expansions and challenging investigators in unprecedented ways. Above all, the esteemed and crafty Richard Launius, the designer of Arkham Horror and Elder Sign, will be running a variety of Lovecraft-themed games throughout the weekend. We will also be holding our annual Call of Cthulhu Initiation Tournament, and you will have opportunities to solve the mysteries of the upcoming Eldritch Horror expansion, Under the Pyramids, before its release later this year. 

A more detailed schedule of events will be posted to the Facebook event page and shared via social media soon.

Preregister… Before It’s Too Late

A collection of strange and uncanny treasures will be offered to those who preregister via our online store by this Friday, October 2nd. Players will receive a limited edition dice bag featuring the iconic Cthulhu faction symbol from Call of Cthulhu, custom dice for playing Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror, a poster featuring art from the upcoming Under the Pyramids expansion, and an exclusive Ancient One for Elder Sign: Ubbo-Sathla, the terrible primordial mire that birthed life on our planet from which inconceivable monsters still emerge. Finally, two alternate art cards for Call of Cthulhu will be included, one of which features art by the stunningly talented French artist, Magali Villeneuve. 

Preregistration is not required to attend, but only those who have preregistered will be able to obtain these rare artifacts. We will also, however, hold surprise giveaways of exclusive merchandise relating to our Lovecraftian games throughout the weekend.

Two days of dark, ancient mysteries, savage monsters, and terrifying knowledge await you. Preregister now, join the Facebook event, and prepare to confront the horror. 

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