24 September 2015 | Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Seek and You Shall Find

Seeker and Sentinel Specialization Decks Are Now Available

“He’s got to follow his own path. No one can choose it for him.”
   –Leia Organa

As a Force user living under the rule of the Galactic Empire, you must shape your own path. There is no Jedi Order to offer guidance or direction. You may be feared or mistrusted because of your powers and even hunted by Imperial officers or others who can profit from taking your life. In these dark times, some Force sensitives choose to live in the wilderness, supporting small settlements or keeping company with animals. Others secretly stalk the streets of the galaxy’s underworld and use their abilities for crimefighting. Others live unaware of the true nature of their talents, knowing only that they can make incomparable technological artifacts, far superior to what other craftsman are capable of. 

Six new Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Specialization Decks equip you for survival, whether your roleplaying adventures take you hunting jakobeasts in the uncivilized vastness of the Outer Rim or hunting murderers in the streets of Coruscant. Each deck contains twenty cards, and each card describes a single talent, so that players and Game Masters can easily and quickly reference those details. With these cards in hand, you can focus on navigating the galaxy’s wilderness or patrolling its darkened streets.

Restless Explorers

Some Force users continually travel from planet to planet, allowing fortune to choose their next destination. Perhaps restlessness and curiosity drive them on, perhaps they have been persecuted or exiled from their home worlds. These nomads, known as Seekers, may linger on a world to fight an outbreak of disease or pursue a malicious dark side Force user across the galaxy. Seekers are pragmatic and adaptable, able to survive in the harshest environments, and while the Force may be the most powerful tool in their arsenal, it is but one of many.  

•    Hunters strive to restore natural balance to the wilderness. Armed with vigilance, the Force, and a good ranged weapon, they use their abilities to track, confront, and slay malicious creatures—sentient or otherwise—that needlessly prey upon innocent life.
•    Pathfinders unite survival skills and Force powers to live off the land. These rugged individuals can forge deep bonds with animals and have a knack for harmonizing civilization with the environment and discovering the natural secrets of unexplored worlds.
•    Ataru Strikers train to do battle in hostile, uncivilized areas where combat is best resolved as quickly as possible. They take risks and practice rapid, gymnastic lightsaber moves, using their natural athleticism to fight with every fiber of their being.

Underworld Vigilantes

Every city in the galaxy, from Mos Eisley to Bilbousa, has its gritty secrets and seedy underworld. But stealthily patrolling some of these cities are Sentinels: Force sensitives who enforce justice outside of any lawful organization. These secretive, independent individuals live by their wits and play by their own rules, using their powers to eliminate criminal threats, liberate the weak from oppression, and undermine corrupt politicians. But even as they skirt written laws to adhere to their own morals, Sentinels risk succumbing to their own darknesses. It is impossible to operate in grey areas without becoming a bit grey as well. 

•    Artisans are innately skilled artificers and engineers that feel the Force surrounding the tools, items, and materials they work with. They use that connection to to solve mechanical problems in intuitive ways and, above all, to build wondrous, powerful technological artifacts and objects.
•    Shadows lurk in the galaxy’s darkest corners and mete out justice to underworld criminals and dark side Force users. They use stealth and deception to find these villains and whatever means necessary to dispatch their targets. 
•    Shien Experts are pragmatic practitioners of lightsaber fighting. They know that winning a fight depends as much on staying mentally flexible, using the environment, and having good timing as it does physical strength. A Shien Expert’s cunning is just as powerful a weapon as his blade.

Shape Your Own Path

Without a Jedi Order to point you towards a great destiny, you are forced—or free—to take matters into your own hands. That may entail trekking deep into an uncharted jungle, hunting a cunning criminal mastermind, or fashioning technological creations that can transform the world around you. These Seeker and Sentinel Specialization Decks provide ready access to the talents you need to shape your own path and your own destiny. 

Pick up your Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Specialization Decks today! 

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