15 September 2015 | Star Wars: Force and Destiny

The Power of Foresight

Seeing the Future in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

“Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future… the past.”
   –Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

If you could see the future, how would it affect your choices? If you had the power, would you try to save a life or stop a war? Would you be able to prevent yourself from making different choices based on what you’d seen? What if you could see what an individual was about to do next? What if you could influence their behavior? 

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, the inaugural adventure book for the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, gives you the chance to look into the imminent future and choose what to do based on what you’ve seen. At the heart of the adventure is the legacy of mysterious Jedi Knight Suljo Warde and his innovative Force power that enabled him not only know future events, but the future actions of sentient beings. As you follow the trail that Warde left across the galaxy you’ll discover the true significance of such great power, even as you learn to wield it yourself.

In today’s preview, Lead Developer Max Brooke reveals more about the magnificent power that Suljo Warde devised and what it means for those Force sensitives who embark on this epic Star Wars adventure.

The Allure of Power

When the team sat down to create the highest-level concepts for Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, we quickly decided that we wanted to have something special to motivate the PCs (and players) to jump at the quest. Edge of the Empire™ and Age of Rebellion™ adventures have very obvious ways to hook in the PCs—scoundrels need to get rich before their debtors come calling and Rebels are driven to fight the Empire. Money and military achievement likely appeal to some Force and Destiny characters, but wealth and glory won’t interest every PC. We had to come up with a different way to draw Force sensitives into the adventure.

Two of the biggest motivators for Force sensitives in the era of the Empire are the desires to help the downtrodden and to uncover the mysteries of the Force. However, both of these are daunting ideals, especially for Force users living in a hostile galaxy without guidance or instruction. The Jedi Order once provided those things, and even though it has been shattered, remnants of its knowledge still exist, hidden away in the dark corners of the galaxy. For many Force sensitives, seeking shards of that lost lore is not only the best way to discover the power to protect the weak, but also to understand the significance of the ideals the Jedi once held dear.

With this in mind, the team came up with the idea that the adventure should feature a unique variant of an existing Force power that the PCs could unlock and learn as they progressed through the story. The concept for Suljo Warde—a Jedi Knight of old who left behind a holocron and numerous kyber crystals containing his secrets—evolved to incorporate this idea. Warde’s legacy spans across several worlds, giving the PCs the chance to see the impact of his personal interventions on several communities at the height of the Clone Wars. During this time of uncertainty and betrayal, Warde specialized in reading the fates of individuals, discerning their probable actions and reacting instantly. The gatekeeper—an imprint of Warde’s personality upon the crystal at the heart of the holocron—exists to help new Force sensitives learn of Warde’s history and power.

Forseeing vs Foresight

Warde’s Foresight exists in parallel to the Foresee power featured in the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook. Thematically, it differs in a simple regard; while Foresee offers a general glimpse into the future, Warde’s Foresight specifically focuses on predicting the actions of other people. This difference stems not only from the direction of Warde’s study of the Force, but also from the trials he faced during his life. The more the PCs learn of Warde and the crises he encountered, the better they learn to wield the ability he once studied.

Mechanically, this means that Warde’s Foresight is quite different from the power it evolved from. Instead of giving hints of one’s own fate in general terms, the basic power of Warde’s Foresight provides information about what a nearby individual is likely to do in the immediate future. As the power advances, it offers a Control upgrade that improves Initiative checks, but also Strength upgrades that grant bonuses when dealing with affected targets, boosts to the first check allies make in combat, and even the ability to take an action before combat begins. With this power, a character can see potential problems coming and end fights before foes draw their weapons.

Unlocking Warde's Secrets

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper and Warde's Foresight were developed together and are inextricably linked throughout the adventure. As the PCs unearth the kyber crystals that Warde left behind in his journey, the holocron’s gatekeeper unlocks more and more of its secrets. Each kyber crystal allows the PCs to purchase a new set of upgrades to Warde’s Foresight that were previously unavailable. The number on each upgrade signifies which kyber crystal unlocks it. GMs could certainly allow PCs to learn Warde’s Foresight outside the scope of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, but in the context of this adventure, it evokes the themes of Warde’s life, and places the PCs more firmly in his footsteps. The more the heroes learn about Warde and grow to understand how this Jedi lived, the better they can wield the power he sought to master during his life. Force and Destiny characters who complete this training will unlock a Force power that is not only a potent ability in its own right, but is also a permanent mark of the deeds done and choices made during the adventure.

Thank you, Max!

Learn What the Future Holds

The future is always in motion, and because of what you can do as a Force user, the future of countless sentient beings and even entire planets may depend on you. What will you do with Warde’s Foresight? Will you be able to wield the power wisely, or will it lead you towards the dark side? Will you be able to improve the lives of those around you, or will you be responsible for terrible devastation, perhaps even despite your efforts to do good? 

Discover what the future holds. Pre-order Chronicles of the Gatekeeper from your local retailer today! 

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