Take Up Your Destiny

The Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Core Rulebook and Game Master's Kit Are Now Available

"You cannot escape your destiny."
   –Obi-Wan Kenobi

The wait is over. The Core Rulebook and Game Master’s Kit for the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game are now available at local retailers in the United States, in our booth at Gen Con, and in our online store

All around you the galaxy is rent apart by war. Imperial troops are everywhere: the marketplace, the cantina, even walking along rural roads. Traces of the Rebellion are everywhere as well: sudden shipments of expensive medical supplies, scorched debris from interplanetary dogfights, defiant graffiti covering government buildings. You are surrounded by tumult, but there is tumult within you as well. You have discovered that you can sense all the chaotic life around you and do remarkable, supposedly impossible things with the strength of your mind. Uncertain what to do with these uncanny abilities, you now look towards the future, the horizon, eager take up your yet unknown, but certainly remarkable, destiny. 

In Force and Destiny you and your companions play Force sensitive characters, gifted with rare powers and destined for incredible things. No Jedi Order exists to guide you, so you must make your way on your own, making a difference where you can, playing a part in the Galactic Civil War if you choose, hunting out traces of other Force sensitives, and using the Force in all your endeavors. 

The Ways of the Force

Force and Destiny uses a custom dice system designed to make results easily readable and to help players further the narrative from the dice results. The core mechanic is a skill check resolved by rolling a pool of dice. Instead of tracking series of numerical modifiers, Game Masters can simply add and subtract dice from a player’s pool. Clear symbols on the dice faces not only indicate whether an action succeeds or fails, but also if it has positive or negative side effects. The system makes everything from using the Force to starship combat fast, manageable, thematic and intuitive.

All playable characters in Force and Destiny possess Force powers that can be enhanced and strengthened as a character gains experience. You may be able to move objects with a thought, perform extraordinary physical feats, or even peer into the future. Our fourth preview explored Force powers in more detail. 

Yet much more sets Force and Destiny apart than the characters’ ability to wield the Force. While Edge of the Empire™ takes you on grim and gritty adventures in the Outer Rim, and Age of Rebellion™ offers you a chance to take part in the Rebellion against the Empire, Force and Destiny leads you on a path towards an epic destiny, immersing you in the phenomenal mysteries of the Force and asking you to make difficult choices that may affect the lives of thousands or alter the fate of entire worlds. Morality is therefore a key aspect of character, a mechanic with profound implications. As your Morality shifts, you may become a paragon of the light side or a servant of the dark. You can learn more about Morality in our third preview.

The Core Rulebook

The heart of any Force and Destiny campaign is the 448-page Core Rulebook, beautifully illustrated with original art intended to immerse you more fully in the Star Wars universe. In the Core Rulebook’s thirteen chapters you’ll find everything you need to play the game, from instructions on creating complex Force-sensitive characters to a thorough guide of the game’s narrative dice system. Entire chapters are dedicated to gear and weapons, vehicles and starships, and of course, the Force. 

The Core Rulebook introduces eight playable species, from Mirialan to Zabrak, and six different careers, from Mystic to Warrior. You can learn more about these character options in our second preview. Each Career offers you three specializations to choose from, each with its own set of skills and talents. Each also features a specialization dedicated to one of the six different forms of lightsaber combat – our fifth preview described these in more detail. Specializations are designed so that as your character develops, you may acquire more than one of them and even venture outside of your chosen Career to become, for example, a Peacekeeper, Shii-Cho Knight, and Starfighter Ace.

For Game Masters, the Core Rulebook offers plentiful information about the great expanse and numerous worlds of the Star Wars galaxy, as well as details and background on the Jedi and Sith Orders. It offers descriptions of a range of adversaries, from dark side Force users to Imperial Troopers and ravenous creatures. The book concludes with a complete adventure, Lessons from the Past, designed for novice Force users and able to stand alone or open up a longer campaign. Our sixth preview reveals more about what Game Masters can find in the Core Rulebook. 

The Game Master's Kit

The Force and Destiny  Game Master’s Kit places all the information needed to lead sessions of Force and Destiny right before your eyes. A GM screen helps you conceal surprises and plot twists from the PCs, and the interior features convenient reference charts covering topics from vehicle critical hits to spending advantage and triumph results in combat. The GM Kit also offers detailed guidelines for knight-level play, in which PCs start an adventure with advanced Force powers and other skills, and for crafting custom lightsabers from materials that characters may encounter in their adventures. Finally, it provides you with a complete multi-session adventure, Hidden Depths, able to stand on its own or follow up Lessons of the Past. 

Step Into a Larger World

While offering you powers and possibilities utterly different from those found in Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion, the Force and Destiny roleplaying game is fully compatible with both. Characters created using the Force and Destiny system play well with characters from the other two systems. You can combine specializations to make a Force-sensitive Diplomat or a Sentinel who used to be a Performer. Similarly, characters from one system can embark on adventures designed for another. A Scout and a Medic might accompany Force-sensitives on the upcoming  Chronicles of the Gatekeeper adventure, or you might bring together a team of Seekers and Bounty Hunters for the high-stakes cross-galaxy chase of the upcoming Mask of the Pirate Queen. Once you’ve entered into the larger world of Force and Destiny, the possibilities ahead of you are infinite. Only through exploring them can you truly discover your destiny. 

Pick up your copy of the Star Wars: Force and Destiny  Core Rulebook and Game Master’s Kit today, and may the Force be with you. 

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