Hard Knocks

Critical Injury and Critical Hit Decks Are Available Now

“I’m hit, but not bad.” 
   –Luke Skywalker

The Star Wars galaxy is a dangerous place. Whether you’re a smuggler in the Outer Rim, a soldier of the Rebel Alliance, or a Force-sensitive outcast hiding from the Empire, chances are at some point you’ll end up in a fight, either person-to-person or ship-to ship. In combat you might sustain a critical injury, or your vehicle might take a critical hit. When that happens, you’ll find the new Critical Injury Deck and Critical Hit Deck useful for managing and repairing the hard knocks that you and your vehicle experience in your Star Wars® roleplaying adventures.

Available now through our in-house manufacturing, the Critical Injury and Critical Hit decks can be used with the Edge of the Empire™, Age of Rebellion™, and Force and Destiny™ roleplaying games. Each card in these decks describes the effects and severity of a single injury or hit and features full-color art designed to immerse players more fully in the Star Wars universe. Players will appreciate being able to easily reference the details of injuries and vehicle hits. Game Masters will find them useful in tracking the critical injuries of NPCs, and they’ll delight in handing out cards that depict the wounds players suffer and hits their vehicles take.

Wounded, not Beaten

In the course of combat anything can happen. A stray bullet might give you an agonizing wound, or an explosion could blind you in an instant. Whatever the severity of a critical injury, it can affect the performance of you or your adversary until it is healed. The Critical Injury Deck makes it easy for you to know whether your wound knocked your character prone, caused the next skill check to be more difficult, or distracts your character with terrible pain until the end of the encounter. Each of its twenty-nine cards explains how the injury affects your character and the difficulty level of the medicine check required to heal.

Players who tend to get involved in dogfights and other ship-to-ship battles will find the Critical Hits Deck incredibly useful. Each card details the effects of the hit upon your vehicle and the difficulty level of the Mechanics check required to fix it. With these cards in hand, you’ll be able to understand how to recover from being knocked off course, how vulnerable your ship is if its shields overload, and how long you have to bail out if your ship starts breaking up.

Keep Fighting

No one, not even Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, escapes from every battle unharmed with an unscathed ship. But the best fighters know that it’s possible to recover from almost any wound, and always have the strength and determination to keep fighting. The Critical Injury Deck and Critical Hit Deck help you to handle injuries and vehicle hits more easily, so that you can focus on the action and stay in the fight.

Pick up your Critical Injury and Critical Hit decks today! 

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