Called to Destiny

Preview the Characters of the Force and Destiny Beginner Game

“I’m ready for anything.”
   –Luke Skywalker

Experience the adventurous life of a Force sensitive in the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Beginner Game. As one of the select few who can sense and use the Force, you are about to embark on a mysterious, mystical, and often perilous journey towards a great destiny.

From diverse backgrounds and planets across the galaxy, the four playable characters in the Force and Destiny Beginner Game are united by their incredible abilities, by their curiosity about the Force, and by their determination to rescue Hethan Romund, a scholar and mentor who changed their lives. 

Today’s preview introduces you to these extraordinary individuals and offers a peek inside the character folios that detail their skills and guide their growth.

Galactic Wanderers

Separated from her family at a young age, the Togruta Kaveri Ra has spent much of her life as a solitary wilderness guide in the Outer Rim. Things changed when the scholar Hethan Romand met Kaveri and noticed her keen abilities to anticipate danger and understand animals. Hethan recognized them for what they were: sensitivity to the Force. 

Her years exploring the wilderness have given Kaveri exceptional Agility and Cunning. As you can see in this chart from her character folio, that means her character rolls four dice in any skill check based in Agility and three for any based on Cunning. Kaveri also gets a yellow proficiency die for several skills, including Coordination, Stealth, and use of a heavy ranged weapon such as her blaster rifle.

For a while Kaveri travelled with Hethan Romund, learning about the Force from her. While visiting a monastery on the Outer Rim world of Jiran VII they discovered another Force-Sensitive, the young Zabrak monk, Dao Jodh. When Kaveri departed from the monastery, she found Dao stowed away aboard her ship. Since then, Kaveri and Dao have wandered throughout the galaxy together, seeking out new peoples, new worlds, and knowledge of the Force. 

Like Kaveri, Dao has the Force Power of Sense. He also has Move, which he can use to move objects with his mind. With practice, these powers will grow stronger, allowing him to sense the Force with more precision and move larger objects farther distances. True to his background as a peaceful monk, Dao has no weapons other than a walking stick, bodily strength, and, most powerful of all, his strong will.


Spirited Fighters

We met the brave, lightsaber-wielding young woman Sarenda briefly in our first preview. Having just recently found a lightsaber near her parents’ farm on Taanab, Sarenda has come to Spintir hoping to learn more about the Force, an entirely new concept to her. Sarenda is gifted with the Enhance Power, which enables her to perform athletic feats beyond what a normal human could do, has a solid background in mechanics thanks to years of fixing farm equipment, and naturally fights to protect those who can’t fight for themselves. 

The eldest of the characters in the Force and Destiny Beginner Game, Tarast Voon sought to become a Jedi before the Order was outlawed, but was informed even in his youth that he was too old to begin training. He spent fifteen years on the run from the Empire and eventually met Hethan Romund, who taught him how to construct his own lightsaber.

As a nomadic exile seeking to make the galaxy better, skilled in Computers, Lightstaber, and Deception, Tarast belongs within the Sentinel career. Every character in Force and Destiny has a certain career that shapes their talents and skills, and the Beginner Game character folios include talent trees unique to each character’s career and Force Power. Tarast’s tree provides options for new Sentinel career talents and upgrades for the Move Force Power, making it easy to invest any XP you earn and develop Tarast even beyond the Beginner Game.

Tarast Voon's Career Tree

Honorable Renegades

In addition to the characters included in the Beginner Game box, two other character folios will also be available for free download from our website when the game releases. Pon Edestus and Belandi Feearr bring two more careers, Warrior and Consular, and two more species, Nautolan and Mirialan, to the Force and Destiny Beginner Game.

Born into slavery, Pon lost his arm in a revolt that liberated hundreds of sentients. His own freedom was purchased by Hethan Romund when she noticed that he was Force-sensitive. Ever since, Pon has made a living as a mercenary who prefers to fight for the weak and oppressed. Being a Nautolan, he can breathe underwater.  Being a Warrior, he is resilient and adept at lightsaber and hand-to-hand combat. 

Belandi heals rather than fights. She posseses the Heal Force Power, which lets her cure three wounds on herself or another living creature, and has worked as a healer in her community. Yet one day, rather than heal a ruthless Imperial enforcer, Belandi let the enforcer die and was charged with murder. Her longtime friend Hethan Romund smuggled Belandi away to safety before she could be prosecuted. Now Hethan is in danger, and Belandi is determined to save the woman who saved her.

The Roles of a Lifetime

Wield a lightsaber or a blaster, defend the weak or heal the wounded, use the Force to sense what surrounds you or move what you cannot reach. The six characters of the Force and Destiny Beginner game offer a wide range of personalities, species, careers, and Force Powers. They can each evolve in a number of different ways as you delve deeper into the mysteries of the Force and discover your character’s unique destiny.

Take your first step into a larger world. Pre-order the Force and Destiny Beginner Game today! 

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