Unlock the Secrets of the Force

A Preview of the Force and Destiny Beginner Game

Feel the force flow. Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future… the past.

The power of the Force flows through you. While you can feel it and wield it, you have yet to develop your senses, knowledge, and abilities to the fullest. The Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Beginner Game launches you on an epic quest to unlock the secrets of the Force and experience its full power. This quest will unite you with other Force-sensitives, test your strength and mettle and take you into long-unexplored areas of the Star Wars universe.

Our last preview focused on what the Force and Destiny Beginner Game provides players new to roleplaying or to our Star Wars system. Today’s preview looks at what the Beginner game has to offer more experienced players and Game Masters.

Inside the Force and Destiny Beginner Game box you’ll find a rulebook, an adventure, four pre-generated characters, and a set of custom roleplaying dice. You’ll also discover full color maps of a snow valley and an abandoned Jedi temple on the Outer Rim world of Spintir, and tokens you can use to portray characters and adversaries in these locations. This is everything that you and your roleplaying group need to delve into the adventures and themes of the Force and Destiny roleplaying game. 

Frozen Mountains and Fearsome Adversaries

The included adventure, Mountaintop Rescue, is intended to be a learn-as-you go adventure. It can also easily launch an entire campaign, or fit in during a gap between the adventures of another Star Wars roleplaying game. But once you’ve completed Mountaintop Rescue, you still have the valley, the temple, maps of them both, and the tokens for characters and adversaries. At the end of the Adventure book there are suggestions for encounters that can be integrated into Mountaintop Rescue or used to create further adventures on Spintir. 

In the Rulebook, Game Masters will also find descriptions of numerous adversaries to deploy against PCs, from probe droids and stormtroopers to bounty hunters and even a dark side apprentice. You could combine these adversaries with those from Mountaintop Rescue, such as tough local hunters or ferocious Spintiri icewolves, to make players’ descent down snowy Mount Tellec just as eventful as their journey up to the temple. Or, use these adversaries to shape entirely new adventures and fresh challenges for your players.

Lure of the Lost

The Beginner Game doesn't end once you’ve completed Mountaintop Rescue. A free, downloadable adventure, Lure of the Lost picks up right where Mountaintop Rescue leaves off and takes players on a quest across the planet of Spintir, through its villages and forests, all the way to the capital city of Reles. Lure of the Lost introduces both new locations and numerous new adversaries, from hostile villagers to Imperial troops.

Moral turmoils take on great significance in Lure of the Lost. Unlike characters in Age of Rebellion™ or Edge of the Empire™, those of Force and Destiny are heavily shaped by their morality. If they succumb too much to fear, anger, hate, or even apathy, they can eventually descend towards the dark side. Lure of the Lost provides advice for Game Masters on how to incorporate and highlight difficult moral choices, helping you master this unique aspect of the Force and Destiny system.

Two additional pre-generated character folios will also be available to download for free. Like the ones included in the Force and Destiny Beginner Game, these extensive full-color folios provide detailed backgrounds for the characters and make it easy for players to spend XP to develop their talents. Use these two characters to give your players a greater choice of roles or to introduce new players to your Star Wars roleplaying group quickly and easily. You’ll learn more about the characters of the Force and Destiny Beginner Game in our third preview. 

Experience the Force 

At the heart of Force and Destiny is, naturally, the Force itself. Even for those who have played Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire, this focus on the Force and Force-sensitive characters opens up new territory both thematically and mechanically. While there have been opportunities to play Force users in our other Star Wars roleplaying games, now these characters and their journeys take center stage. Force and Destiny immerses you in the mysterious powers and mystical nature of the Force and offers you momentous moral choices that could shape not just your destiny, but the fate of the entire galaxy.

The Force and Destiny Beginner Game guides you through using Force powers such as Sense, Move, and Heal. With Sense, you can perceive how the Force is interacting with the environment and pick up on other characters’ emotions. With Move, you can use your mind to move objects that you couldn’t otherwise lift. With Heal, you can remove wounds from another living creature. The Beginner Game teaches you how to use and upgrade these powers as your character develops. It also discusses how using the Force changes if you should descend to the dark side. 

The four pre-generated characters included in the Beginner Game each start off with at least one Force power. Two start the adventure with a lightsaber in hand, giving you the chance to try out this iconic Jedi weapon as soon as you like. These four diverse characters are native to the Force and Destiny Beginner Game but, ultimately, not limited to it. You could potentially send them on smuggling jobs based in Edge of the Empire or enlist in the Rebel Alliance and fight alongside Rebel Soldiers from Age of Rebellion. Game Masters can use these characters as references for creating new Force-sensitives and balancing Force powers with other talents and skills. 

Find Your Destiny

The mystical secrets of the Force await you inside an ancient Jedi temple, and you are among the select few capable of unlocking them. It is impossible to foresee exactly what the future holds, but the journey ahead is full of unknown perils, incredible feats, and astonishing discoveries. Whether you are an accustomed traveler or new to the Star Wars universe, the Force and Destiny Beginner Game promises to launch you on an epic adventure and begin showing you the ways of the Force.

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