Take Hold of the Future

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper Is Now Available

“I’m not looking for a friend. I’m looking for a Jedi Master.”
   –Luke Skywalker

Discover a holocron that promises unprecedented power. Follow in the footsteps of a Jedi Knight with a mysterious, galaxy-wide legacy. Explore a metropolis rent apart by lingering wounds from the Clone Wars. Delve into the Empire’s darkest secrets. These things all await you in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, an adventure supplement for Star Wars®: Force and Destiny,™ now available at local U.S. retailers and in our online store.

Decades ago, the Jedi Knight Suljo Warde created a holocron containing all the knowledge he then possessed—including the rare power to predict the precise future actions of sentient beings. This holocron has now fallen into your hands, offering you the chance to learn Warde’s powers by retracing his footsteps across the galaxy. This might seem like a simple journey, but in your quest to learn more about Suljo Warde and his incredible powers, you’ll become involved in bitter political feuds, immersed in conflicts dating back to the Clone Wars, and compelled to make choices that will determine the fate of millions. Your skills, talents, and powers will be tested, naturally, but the real test is how well you can resist the ubiquitous allure of the dark side. 

Looking Ahead

The new Force Power of Warde’s Foresight is inextricably entwined with the plot and thematic fibers of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, as developer Max Brooke described in our second preview. You and your fellow adventurers encounter the aftermath of events that occurred over twenty years ago, but everything you witness is the outcome of one man’s choices, shaped by his unique ability to predict the future. What’s more, as you explore the places most dramatically affected by Warde, you become more able to look ahead and base your actions on that information. You become capable of making a powerful difference in the communities you visit, but you become susceptible to equally powerful temptations, and capable of catastrophic mistakes. The future is always in motion, and while you gradually learn how to see what others will do, you can never truly predict the effects of your own actions. 

A Brave New World

The first planet that Warde’s holocron will lead you to is Arbooine, a quiet, heavily-forested planet in the Outer Rim. The Avian sentients that dominate Arbooine, the Sathari, dwell in expansive treetop cities, focusing on their families and communities rather than paying attention to interplanetary politics. The Empire, however, has been paying increasing attention to this quiet, sparsely-populated world, so that while the Sathari may wish to remain distant from the Galactic Civil War, it has inevitably come to them. Our first preview offers more details about both the Sathari and their homeworld, including how to create a Sathari PC. 

The Galaxy Is Yours

The Force and Destiny system opens up a new area of the Star Wars galaxy for your exploration. Combined with Edge of the Empire™ and Age of Rebellion™, it offers you an immense range of playable characters and a universe of possibilities. So, while Chronicles of the Gatekeeper was designed primarily with the moral dilemmas and mystical powers of Force sensitive characters in mind, it is in no way limited to the Force and Destiny roleplaying game. Our third preview explored what the adventure has to offer players and Game Masters who have been working primarily with Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion. If you’re using Chronicles of the Gatekeeper to launch a campaign, you might even put together a mixed party of Force users, Smugglers, and Rebels. Each PC will experience the journey in a different way, make choices based on a unique Obligation, Duty, or Morality, and conclude the adventure with a different next step in mind.

The whole galaxy is at your fingertips. Chronicles of the Gatekeeper is one path deep into it, but a path that offers you the rare opportunity to see—and even control—the future.

Look for Chronicles of the Gatekeeper at your local retailer today! 

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