The Queen's Gambit

Mask of the Pirate Queen Is Now Available!

“You needn’t worry about your reward.  If money is all that you love, then that’s what you’ll receive.”
   –Leia Organa

Capturing one woman could earn you tens of thousands of credits in Mask of the Pirate Queen, an adventure for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™, now available at U.S. retailers and in our online store! The question is, if you can find her, will your love for money conquer all or will other priorities, Motivations, and Obligations compel you to let this elusive bounty slip through your fingers?

At the start of Mask of the Pirate Queen, you and your associates are suddenly contacted by a representitive of the Zann Corsortium, an oppressive criminal organization that preys on both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. That representative offers you a job: bring in the woman known as the Pirate Queen, dead or alive. Your rewards will be an impressive, but unnamed, amount of credits. Knowing the power and reputation of the Zann Consortium, it’s an offer you can’t refuse. 

Mask of the Pirate Queen takes you on a trans-galactic bounty hunt, but that doesn’t mean you need a Bounty Hunter in your group to experience it. A smuggling team, company of Hired Guns, or even a group of Force sensitives might take up the job if they need the money badly enough. Regardless, you’ll need a group with a wide range of skills, from Astrogation and Piloting to Negotiation, Streetwise, and possibly even Lightsaber, to lift the veil of mysteries that surrounds the Pirate Queen. 

Safe Havens for Scoundrels

In the course of your hunt, you will certainly visit at least two worlds. One, the bustling, criminal haven of Ord Mantell, was the subject of our recent preview. The other is paradisiacal Saleucami, a tropical Outer Rim planet inhabited by its native Pantorans as well as Gran, Twi’lek, and Weequay colonists. Before the Clone Wars, Saleucami was the most successful trading hub in the Outer Rim. Since the Clone Wars, Saleucami has fallen under Imperial control, although the Empire’s presence is comparatively light. The Imperial governor, in turn, is on the payroll of the Zann Consortium, which ensures that business of all varieties continues as usual. 

Behind the Veil 

The Pirate Queen is the head of a female-led crime organization known as the Veiled Sorority. Her badge of office is the elaborate platinum mask that she always wears in public, setting her apart from the Sorority’s other female leaders and concealing her identity, even the sound of her voice. No one outside of the Sorority knows whether one seemingly immortal woman has kept an iron grip on the position or several different women have served as Queen. Similarly, no one outside of the Sorority knows on what planet the Pirate Queen holds court. And no one knows exactly why the Veiled Sorority has chosen to focus their predatory attentions on the Zann Consortium. 

Finding the Pirate Queen, let alone capturing her, requires penetrating the secrecy and security of this organization. You have to earn the trust of its allies and its enemies. You have to sort out the lies the Queen promotes about herself from the truth she aims to conceal. Finally, you have to enter her inner sanctum—and make it back out alive. 

The Hunt Begins

Countless Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, and other scoundrels across the galaxy are eager to get their hands on the Zann Consortium’s money and enter the headquarters of the Veiled Sorority. Are you canny enough to reach the Pirate Queen before they do? Or will you become caught in a deadly rivalry between two powerful criminal organizations and find yourself outmaneuvered by them both? 

The bounty hunt begins now. Pick up Mask of the Pirate Queen from your local retailer or order it from our online store today! 

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