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Consular and Mystic Specialization Decks Are Now Available

“You certainly have a way with people.”
   –Leia Organa, The Empire Strikes Back

Your ability to sense the Force doesn’t just grant you extraordinary abilities beyond those of most sentient beings. It also offers you incredible knowledge about the world around you in the present—and the future. As a Consular or Mystic, you spend your life immersed in that knowledge, but that doesn’t mean you abandon practical concerns. Instead, you use what you know to advise politicians, diplomats, and community leaders, or simply to counsel individuals through difficult times. You may not always wield a lightsaber or occupy the front lines in battle, but you never stop fighting to create a more harmonious galaxy. 

Six new Specialization Decks for the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying system help Consulars and Mystics put their profound wisdom into constructive practice. Featuring full-color thematic art on every card, these decks allow players and Game Masters to quickly and easily reference every talent within the three Consular and three Mystic specializations introduced in the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook. With these cards in hand, you’ll be able to focus on taking the right action in the present to create the best possible future. 

Healing Wounds

Consulars are deeply compassionate individuals who dedicate themselves to achieving universal peace and harmony. Preferring to avoid combat and physical violence, they wage war instead through diplomacy, words, and humanitarianism. Their connection to the Force goes beyond guiding their actions and decision making. It enhances their abilities to heal, soothe, and influence others, whether that means facilitating a difficult negotiation or helping a veteran cope with trauma. In these tumultuous times of civil war, Consulars may be rare but they are desperately needed as doctors, aid workers, and diplomats. 

•    Healers enhance their extensive medical knowledge with the power of the Force. Their approach towards medicine is not merely physical, but holistic. They are among the few medical practitioners who can address wounds of the spirit and even heal communities broken and divided by war.
•    Sages are equal parts scholar and diplomat. They study the universe around them in order to better others’ lives, combat ignorance, and promote harmony. The Force not only grounds their studies, it helps them transform theories and ideas into beneficial practices.
•    Sometimes negotiations fail and erupt into violence. In those unfortunate circumstances, a Niman Disciple uses her working knowledge of defensive lightsaber combat to stay safe, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and defeat intractably dangerous foes. 

Looking Ahead

From the very beginning of their lives, many Mystics can feel a profound connection to the Force. They learn how to use it intuitively, relying on the Force, rather than any sentient being, as a guide and mentor. Many become advisors, magistrates, or religious authorities because of their abilities, depending on how their culture perceives their relationship to the Force. Many also develop tremendous presence and charisma, along with a knack for influencing others through well-chosen words or other forms of persuasion.

•    Advisors use the knowledge they gain through the Force to guide other sentients, from planetary governors and Rebellion diplomats to downtrodden individuals trying to escape dire circumstances. They may also wield the Force to sense emotions, discern secrets, and even change reluctant minds.
•    As a Seer, you are constantly aware of the Force’s presence and the deep meanings of its minor ripples—you might even see critical events yet to come. You use that sensitivity to guide your own actions and to be in the right place at exactly the right time to effect change.
•    Makashi Duelists unite fighting skill with showmanship. They practice a lightsaber form that is both extremely deadly and extremely elegant. They often rely upon their presence to intimidate or defeat an opponent before matters come to blows. 

Put Your Knowledge Into Practice

Through the Force you can feel and see remarkable things about the present, the future, the past. You can to tap into the fundamental secrets of the universe and even perceive the innermost secrets of other sentient beings. Yet knowledge, however magnificent, only becomes a form of power by informing practice. By putting the details of all your talents right at your fingertips, these six Specialization Decks let you more easily utilize your character’s in-game knowledge to effect galaxy-wide change.

Pick up your Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Specialization Decks today! 

    •    Consular Sage
    •    Consular Healer
    •    Consular Niman Disciple
    •    Mystic Advisor
    •    Mystic Seer

    •    Mystic Makashi Duelist

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