Suns of Fortune

Announcing a Setting Sourcebook for Edge of the Empire

“I’ve outrun Imperial starships, not the local bulk-cruisers mind you. I’m talking about the big Corellian ships now.”     –Han Solo

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Suns of Fortune, a sourcebook for the Corellian Sector that allows you and your friends to explore the fantastic opportunities and dangers found in the birthplace of Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. Discover three new species, exotic weapons, dozens of vehicles, nine modular encounters that Game Masters can use in any Edge of the Empire campaign, and more!

Fast Ships, Fast Pilots, and Fortunes to Be Made

Suns of Fortune is your ticket to a Core World full of action, adventure, and opportunity. Known as the home of fast ships and the daredevils who pilot them, Corellia has long maintained a reputation as the birthplace of the most talented smugglers, scoundrels, and jockeys ever to fly a snubfighter or ride a tricked-out swoop.

While this reputation may be slightly—but only slightly—exaggerated, Corellia is nonetheless bursting with opportunities for excitement and adventure. Despite being located among the ancient worlds and civilizations of the galactic Core, Corellia is neither stuffy nor overly constrained with laws and regulations. Instead, its spirit of adventure thrives, drawing thrill-seekers from all over the galaxy.

Moreover, throughout the 144 pages of Suns of Fortune, GMs will find extensive details on the Corellian Sector that can help establish a rich and vibrant setting for their Edge of the Empire campaigns. Give your players the chance to win it big on Treasure Ship Row, make a fortune smuggling to Selonia, purchase one of Nubia’s amazing ships, or even pull off the art heist of the century on Aurea. The Corellion Sector is full of opportunities for your heroes to prove themselves.

You’ll also find nine modular encounters, each of which can either serve as part of nearly any adventure. These are the kinds of scenes and challenges that can crop up almost at any time, while you’re trying your hand at a game of Sabacc or stopping for a drink at the local cantina. Players may even trigger them with the specific choices they make, and they give the GM an effective response to an unplanned turn of events.

The Fastest Ships in the Galaxy

If there’s one thing associated with Corellia, it’s speed. When it comes to starships, it’s a well-known rule that if you’re looking for speed, you go Corellian.

From the mom-and-pop outfits who customize light freighters to the galactic renowned Corellian Engineering Corporation, Corellian shipbuilders count thrust, acceleration, and hyperspace velocity as three of their primary concerns, and Suns of Fortune brings many of these starships to your gaming table.

All told, Suns of Fortune offers you the chance to enjoy hours of spectacular space battles and dramatic speeder chases with nearly two dozen new Corellian vehicles and starships, including landspeeders, airspeeders, starfighters, freighters, and more!

A Whole Sector Full of Character Options

In addition to its detailed overview of the Corellia Sector, nine modular encounters, and fast new starships and vehicles, Suns of Fortune also introduces a wealth of options for character creation and gear.

First and foremost, players can choose from three new species options when they make their characters:

  • The hyper-intellectual Drall are renowned throughout the galaxy as thinkers and make natural scholars and scientists. Averaging roughly one meter in height, they are covered in fur ranging from a ruddy brown to shades of grey and black. Though most Drall prefer to avoid adventure, their incredible intellect proves advantageous in many sticky situations.
  • Nothing is more important to the dour and dangerous Selonians than the protection and preservation of their species, and they will go to any lengths to defend their homeworld and their kin. These carnivorous, mammalian bipeds are covered in short, sleek brown or black fur, with elongated heads bristling with whiskers.
  • Corellian-born humans are said to have rocket fuel for blood, and their penchant for speed drives many of them to earn notoriety as being among the best pilots in the galaxy. This species allows a strong, early focus on Piloting and serves as a variation on humans found in the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook.

Additionally, Suns of Fortune profiles exotic weapons, armor, and gear from Corellia and the other planets in the Sector. From the Coronet Arms dueling pistol to the Nomad Greatcoat, players will find plenty of interesting toys that they can insert into their game to give it a Corellian flavor.

Welcome to Corellia

On Corellia, the best chance for success is to take a fast ship, a faster pilot, and hit the hyperlanes. It’s demanding, but Corellians are equal to the demands. It’s frightening, but Corellians have no fear. It’s risky, but Corellians never shy away from risk. After all, the only things that outweigh risks are the fortunes to be made...

Suns of Fortune is your chance to explore the intrigues and dangers in the heart of the Star Wars galaxy. This setting sourcebook for Edge of the Empire is scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2013. Until then, keep your eyes open for more announcements, previews, and other news about the Star Wars roleplaying game!

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