Behind the Blast Doors

Learn What It's Like to Play in an Edge of the Empire Adventure

What’s it like to participate in a session of the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Roleplaying Game? It’s like stepping into your own, personal Star Wars movie.

In recent previews, we’ve explored some of the game’s mechanics, the way it imbues characters with personal obligations, its treatment of Force-sensitive exiles, and the opportunities it affords its GMs. Today, though, rather than focusing on more of the game’s mechanics, we’re going to focus on the player’s experience. So, if playing an Edge of the Empire adventure is like stepping into your own, personal Star Wars movie, let’s begin by setting the scene…

Creating Your Own Narratives with Edge of the Empire

With a bit of imagination, Edge of the Empire makes it easy to enjoy a whole galaxy’s worth of epic Star Wars stories. You and your friends play the heroes, often a group of underdogs working to pay back old debts, to redeem themselves, and to pursue long-lost loves.

During an Edge of the Empire adventure, you’re part character, part storyteller, and part improvisational actor. One member of your group plays as the Game Master (GM), and the others assume the roles of characters at the fringes of civilized space or society – usually both. Working together, you’ll use character information, custom dice, and your imaginations to simultaneously create and play through any number of fantastic Star Wars stories. Along the way, you’ll enjoy plenty of action, suspense, space battles, exploration, and more than a few stormtroopers, smugglers, bounty hunters, and Hutt crime lords!

To get a better sense of the Edge of the Empire experience, we can join a group of five friends mid-session…

Follow Your Own Destiny in the Star Wars Universe

Participate in your own Star Wars stories, complete with cinematic action and wonder. Reaching from the back alleys of Coruscant to the far reaches of the Outer Rim, your Edge of the Empire adventures are as full of possibility as the Star Wars universe, itself. All you need to play is a copy of the Core Rulebook, a set of Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Roleplay Dice, and your imagination!

The Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook is coming later this week, so head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy today!

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