9 January 2009 | Tide of Iron

7th Panzer Division Joins The War

A new initiative card for Tide of Iron: Normandy and an FAQ update!

By Rob Kouba

1940 - The Ghost Division

After his success in Poland, Hitler gave Rommel his choice of units to command. In 1940, Rommel took command of the 7th Panzer Division. Under his leadership, the 7th became known as the Gespensterdivision, or “Ghost” Division because it moved quickly and the plain fact that nobody seemed to be sure where the unit was at (even the German High Command).

Now you can take control of the 7th as you wage war against the Allies!

The following Initiative card can be used in your Tide of Iron campaigns and scenarios:

7th Panzer Initiative Card (pdf, 1.1 mb)


The Initiative card follows similar rules to 29th Infantry Division Initiative card. The card replaces the normal German Initiative card if both players agree. Before the start of a single scenario or a campaign, the German player using the 7th Panzer card must decide whether to use the text side or the non-text side. No matter which side is chosen, the German player must use the chosen side until the completion of the scenario or the campaign.

If the text side is chosen, the German player is allowed to move each vehicle and squad containing an officer 1 hex before each Action Phase ignoring enemy Op Fire. He may not move squads or vehicles on Op Fire. Then his opponent, whether the German player used his ability or not, can fatigue 2 of the German units unless the German player pays Command to reduce the number of fatigued units by X where X equals the amount of Command spent. The German player must decide whether to spend Command or not before his opponent selects which units will be fatigued.

IMPORTANT: If the text side of this card is used, place one Command on this card at the beginning of any scenario in which it is used.

If the non-text side is chosen, it functions like the normal German Initiative card.

Updated FAQ also added to the Tide of Iron Support Page.

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