8 January 2009

Soldiers of the Matriarchy

Another glimpse into the forces in Tannhäuser: Operation Novgorod.

Nikola Tesla. His genius knows no bounds. From his work on the Smiljan-Class Coil, a device soon to be unleashed on the world, to his latest creation, the Voïvode, Tesla has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. These latest creations are a terrifying blend of electricity, robotics, and the channeled power of the Slavic Gods. Each three-legged automaton features a relay capable of channeling Zor'ka's powerful electric attacks. Even more astounding are how easy these devices are to repair. Many of the Matriarchy's elite are capable of fixing a damaged Voïvode, and once fixed, these machines are fully ready to get back in the fight.As these devices are automated, they have no mental capacities for the forces of the Reich to grasp. This makes them the perfect soldiers to send against the powerful abilities of the Marquis General.

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