16 October 2008

Venusian Ranger

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 020 Unit Designation: "Venusian Ranger" Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: "My name is Dolphus Wulff of House Sagelli and I am your Troop Instructor while you're here at The Forge in Phase One of your Venusian Ranger Indoctrination. You can call me "Sergeant" or "TI" but if you know what's best for you, you'll just keep your mouth shut. Everyone got that? Any questions, candidates? No? Good, let's go over a few things, shall we?

You're here because you showed something, some spark of ability, strength, determination… something. I expect to see that "something" from you daily. Not once in a while. I demand to see that ability, strength, or willpower exhibited routinely. No one, I repeat, NO ONE survives The Forge unscathed. Yes, we chose you but we can just as easily choose to leave you out in the Venusian jungles unarmored and alone. Is that understood? You're here to learn, to improve, but most importantly to excel in the process. Best of the best? From what I can see standing here, you've a long way to go, candidates.

See that AG-17 Panzerknacker Rifle at your feet. Pick it up. Note that this model may be unfamiliar to some of you, to others it's a trusted old friend. Either way, I'm going to remind you of its three primary roles. One, it provides excellent sniping capabilities, and it is able to penetrate even the most sturdy of materials that the enemy hides behind. Two, it can generate an inflammatory impact shell dealing splash damage to a nearby foe, and three…

What do you think it's final role is? Anyone? <pause> I guess not. Three, it's there to save your sorry behind when the going gets tough.

I realize that some of you, while talented, are still too soft to be called Venusian Rangers and receive your Death's-Head Helm, but you'll improve, adapt, and overcome because you'll be trained by the best and taught to face the worst. No human, no demon will you fear. Why? Because when it's all said and done, you'll be one of us — a Venusian Ranger."

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