16 October 2008

Venusian Ranger Kapitan

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 009 Unit Designation: "Venusian Ranger Kapitan" Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: This excerpt from a Cartel Security Force training session led by Proctor Blankenship, reveals interesting aspects of the Venusian Ranger Kapitans:

Alright, Agents-in-Training, it's time to shift our immediate focus away from the rank and file Venusian Rangers and onto their leadership. Where the mundane (if that term even applies!) Venusian Ranger has battled his way through training at the prestigious military academy known as the "Forge", Venusian Ranger Kapitans have not only endured but excelled with proven successes and hard-fought victories. These warrior-leaders have shown the fierce determination, fearlessness, and capabilities that will see their subordinates through even the most brutal battlefield scenarios.

Excuse me, Class.

You there! In the fourth row - are you sleeping again, Agent Jensen? Go stand up at the back of the room since you can't be trusted to remain awake during one of my lectures.

Okay, back on track. Yes, these soldiers are an order of magnitude above their troops in both tactical acumen and inspirational ability. We've frequently noticed that Venusian Ranger units without a Kapitan leading them are far less efficient in combat, so their presence is indubitably beneficial. Even solo Kapitans, without their own squad, are cagey combatants able to handle multiple opponents by themselves and hardy enough to survive even the fiercest firefights. In conclusion, Class, we can see that Venusian Ranger Kapitans boost Bauhaus combat efficacy to a high degree and their foes should strive to neutralize them at all costs.  

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