16 October 2008


Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 013 Unit Designation: "Technomancer" Faction: Algeroth

Field Notes: Initial notes on this unit were dismissive as these creatures form the grunts of the Algerothian armies. Unfortunately this dismissal can prove deadly. These vicious creatures are capable of churning out an impressive amount of damage with their tormentor flamethrower. Yet the real horror of facing these monsters is their ability to shield their fellows from our heaviest fighters. Clusters of these abominations are used to screen the close combat specialists from return blows, and render our weapons experts useless.

Despite the ability to nullify our close combat damage, the Technomancers fall victim to ranged weapons with ease. Stay your ground and hammer them with fire.

These foes will be numerous, and their shielding powers will prove difficult for armies with a lack of ranged weaponry. Maintain clear lines of sight and pound these Algerothian scum with overwhelming firepower!

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