16 October 2008


Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 014 Unit Designation: "Necromutant" Faction: Algeroth

Field Notes: After painstakingly careful research and one fortunate interview, we've determined how the fearsome Necromutants are created and why they're so horrifyingly adaptive compared to many of Algeroth's deadly minions. This brief explanation from a defeated Tekron Warmaster (one of few ever coerced from their ilk, I might add) should reveal the frightening and despicable truth:

Tekron: Arggghhh…achk…sputter…ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Coercive pain receptive techniques prove effective — Tekron #134a will elucidate…cough…developmental secrets of Necromutant designates. Enough. Ack. (spitting up bile)

Tekron: Incarcerated humanoids lacking the Dark programming are transferred to Distortion Chambers. Necrotechnological DNA reconstruction commences permanently altering ineffectual mortal life-form into far more powerful servant of Algeroth. Remaining traces of loathsome humanity are subdued into subconscious impulses, only. These Necromutants, per their neo-nomenclature upon rebirth, possess the unique supernal ability to transfer the very life-force from damaged enemies to themselves. Hack…cough.

Tekron: Necromutants possess inherent instabilities — instabilities upon their demise that instigate dual degenerative genetic reconstitutions. Each devolvement leads to a reduction in both mental and reactive qualities. At the final mutation the resulting organism is useful only as a distraction, at best, since no further alterations will ensue.


Though this was as much as we captured from the twisted Tekron Warmaster, it was enough to confirm what many had feared — Necromutants are not entirely new Dark Legion spawn but warped versions of captured humans! Sadly, whatever humanity they may have once possessed has long since been destroyed or altered beyond recovery. It's very clear that these tortured yet brutal combatants of the Dark Legion are incredibly dangerous foes that should be destroyed at all costs.

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