16 October 2008

Mortificator Shadow

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 011 Unit Designation: "Mortificator Shadow" Faction: Brotherhood

Field Notes: I think every Cartel agent is aware of the "Cardinal's Shadows." Their ability to elude security and secretly infiltrate secure facilities, in order to achieve their goals - which usually include the extermination of an unfriendly high-profile target — is nearly unmatched. Among the Brotherhood, no other single unit is as feared or respected. We've failed in every attempt to capture one on data-cams and none have ever been apprehended in mid-mission, leaving us with a distinct lack of concrete information on these elusive warriors.

What little we know is that they're generally lithe, nimble volunteers — these aren't brutish, hardy thugs, they're quick-moving assassins. A Mortificator Shadow would rather escape the scene unscathed or undetected rather than slug it out in a fire-fight, for to engage in combat prior to target elimination would usually reflect a comprised mission. Reports from the few individuals who have traded shots with Mortificator Shadows indicate that they're notoriously hard to target; whether that's due to the application of some sort of special tech or simply a result of their innate athleticism has been impossible to determine.

One thing we do know is that when facing demonic foes, their ferocity and deadly skills rise to new levels and they become incredibly powerful warriors at both short and long-ranges. They seem able to pull off multiple attacks in the space that a normal warrior would only attempt one. We are still in the process of trying to implant a tracking device on one of these deadly human weapons, in hopes of understanding their tactics and capabilities much better. More information will follow if we are successful in this activity.

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