16 October 2008

KA-67 Great Grey Fighter

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 019 Unit Designation: "KA 67 Great Grey Fighter" Faction: Capitol

Field Notes: We acquired this informative lecture, taken from a CN (Capitol Navy) flight school, discussing the capabilities of the KA 67 Great Grey Fighter.

"…at which point he pulled flaps, reversed thrusters and destroyed his pursuers.
Moving on, we're going to talk about the Great Grey Fighter, which is a much hardier anti-air version of the lightly-armored, though agile, Great Grey Scout. Both possess the heavy-hitting M-99 Mounted Heavy Machine-gun but the Fighter was designed from the ground up with a more offensive-minded suite of supporting sensors built to tackle low-to-mid altitude air threats. But sensors aren't the only improvements made here — the enhanced glass-steel exoskeleton ensures that the Great Grey Fighter possesses greater survivability in any air combat environment.
Granted, the Great Grey Fighter may be a bit slower than the Scout, and a little less nimble (or dangerous, depending on your mindset!) but what it lacks in handling it more than makes up for in offensive capabilities. The all-new Shark Systems "Mako" fire-control processor extends the Fighter's range and improves every aspect of its targeting capabilities. Since the launch of this sturdier iteration of the Great Grey line of single-seat air vehicles, enemy aircraft losses have climbed nearly 35%!! Clearly this is a successful project and certainly one that the Capitol Navy has shown no signs of abandoning anytime soon."

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