16 October 2008


Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 018 Unit Designation: "Inquisitor" Faction: Brotherhood

Field Notes: This is a recorded transcript taken from an internal datacom message between two Capitol Business offices, shortly after the arrival of a Brotherhood Inquisitor sent to investigate a possible Dark Legion heretic:

012233071968 Timestamp

Citizen Aumann (Secretary): "I don't know, VP Howard, I don't know why! <extremely agitated> He just came straight into the office foyer, didn't say a word to me and burst right into the meeting room. <pause> Yes sir, I know that meeting was private. Yes, yes, I fully understand. Of course, sir.
The problem is that he never showed up at security or we could have stopped him there and at least determined who it was he was looking for. No, I'm guessing it was some of that mystical mumbo-jumbo the Brotherhood are known for… Oh no, no sir. Yes, I attend services like every good Citizen. I'm just not sure I believe in their "other" abilities. Wait a minute sir… something's going on… What? What's going on? <loud cracking noises> Sir, we have weapon's fire in the meeting room. <pause>
<speaking slowly> Yes, sir. If you insist. Yes, of course I'm wearing my sidearm like any good Citizen, I'm offended you even asked! If you insist but I'd like to go on record as having been opposed to this directive. I'll be right back.
<more cracking noises followed by two small explosions>
<long silent pause>
Inquisitor Damiano: "Good day, Vice-president Howard. You made a grave mistake in sending your well-armed Secretary in to address me. My condolences for your loss and to her family, as well. Unfortunately the reception that greeted my research here has indeed proved fatal to your entire Marketing Board of Directors. The few minor wounds that I've received are already healing, courtesy of The Art, of course. A shame that it had to go this way but purging the foul taint of the Dark Legion is, as you're undoubtedly aware, a most important calling. I've determined that our initial source wasn't entirely correct about the Heretic potentially polluted your upper echelons — the source most certainly wasn't at this location. As I speak, elements of the Second Directorate should start arriving at your office just… about… now.
<the sound of gunfire erupts across the datacom>
I'll be seeing you soon, VP Howard."

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