16 October 2008

Fury Elite, Templar, and Guards

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 015 Unit Designation: "Fury Elite — Templars, Bishops, and Guards" Faction: Brotherhood

Field Notes: We consider our Cartel agents some of the best in the known universe at what they do but despite our high esteem, there are some warriors that rival even our agents' abilities — the Fury Elite special forces of the Curia (the Cardinal's Inner Council). Typically these special soldiers come in three ranks, based on experience: Bishops — the most experienced leaders and users of the Art, Templars — average leadership experience by comparison but sterner combatants all around, and finally, the less-experienced Guards. None of these elite units are to be taken lightly as they serve in a protective role for the extremely powerful and important Curia.

The Bishops serve in dual-capacities as both personal bodyguards and trainers to their newer members. Bishops' leadership abilities are unmatched and it's said that even a single day's worth of Bishop mentoring can increase a Fury Elite unit's rapid-response capabilities by up to nearly 25%! They also possess some mastery of the Art, particularly as it relates to Healing disciplines.

Templars are heavily armored in their infamous antique battle-memory suits, etched with all the past glories of the warriors preceding the current user and capable of informing their new wearer of these important histories. This armor keeps them alive longer than their comrades and their hand-to-hand combat skills are finely honed. Truly they are the most fearsome of the Fury Elite.

Fury Elite Guards, while newer and less hardy, still pack a punch and via their unique grapple technology are capable of restraining dangerous foes in a battle to the death. Furthermore, should a Guard end up on the losing end of this combat, they're able to blast their destroyers with a shard of pure energy, courtesy of the Art, in an act of divine retribution.

From what we've seen of these elite Brotherhood forces, the Curia is, clearly, in very capable hands.

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