16 October 2008

Freedom Brigadier Sergeant

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 012 Unit Designation: "Freedom Brigadier Sergeant" Faction: Capitol

Field Notes: One of our field agents captured this data-com transmission while surveying Capitol forces at the McCraig Line — of particular interest is the insight provided by these Freedom Brigadiers concerning their own capabilities and mindset:

Brigadier #1 (Sampson) — "Well I don't much care what you worthless *%#@! have to say about it, we're always the last to get the fresh food-stuffs. I'm sick of it.
Brigadier #2 (McMasters) — "Ah clam up, Sampson, you're always *%#@! about the food. It's edible, it gives you energy to fight, 'nuff said.
Brigadier #3 (Tabara) — "I'd tend to agree with McMasters, you *%#@! way too much about the piddly crap, Sampson. At least we're not on the front lines right now, holding down the fort while all the real citizen-soldiers retreat. Last time I nearly cashed it in while defending our flank — now that's something to gripe about, for crying out loud.
McMasters — Yeah, I'd say, but it'll all be worth it once we "finish the five" baby! Myself, I got only 2 terms of service left and boo-yah, I'm a full citizen.
Sampson — Fair enough… sometimes I wonder if it's really worth going through all this *%#@!, though.
Tabara — Oh it's worth it. Now the Sarge, he has it worse than us — he has to listen to all those snob-citizen officers pitching orders his way without a care in the world for his or his troops' welfare AND he barely gets paid more than we do! Still, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those sweet M-516 Shotguns with the Under-barrel Loading Grenade Launcher! Damn that thing is beefy!
McMasters — Hell yeah! Not only does it give Sarge some serious range but the spread on both that and the shotgun itself, makes him far safer than us grunts in close combat, I can tell ya that!
Sampson — Well Sarge ain't that tough — hell, their training ain't much different from ours. The 33rd's Sergeant dropped after taking a single round in the leg — I don't call that "Brigadier tough", no way, no how.
Tabara — Sampson, you *%#@! All you like to do is gripe, gripe, gripe. Isn't there a latrine somewhere you can go clean? That way I don't have to listen to you pissing and moaning all the time?!

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