16 October 2008


Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 021 Unit Designation: "Ezoghoul" Faction: Algeroth

Field Notes: Perhaps our best information on Algeroth's dreaded Ezoghoul can be found in this taped Capitol autopsy:

CMC 062782 — 12:34pm Subject: Deceased demonic entity Designation: Ezoghoul Measurements: 4 meters tall and about 2.75 meters in length.


Preliminary findings reveal a horrifying hybrid of metal exoskeletal components meshed with flesh - primary assumption is that this combination provides these terrifying monstrosities with strength and endurance-enhancing capabilities, making them amazingly durable in combat (and in general). A strange bio-technical facial attachment has been removed from the beast and it's surmised that this apparatus provides these warriors with a special gas allowing them to breathe alien atmospheres.

The unusual floppy "techno-dreadlocks" fanning out from the Ezoghoul's head are merely ornamental and serve no particular biological or combat function.

The tri-stomach dissection indicates a final meal of human flesh and some strange liquid - origin and purpose unknown, we'll have to wait for lab results to determine composition. Perhaps the most unusual finding of all is that its Adrenaline sacs (or their equivalent in demonic physiology) are at least ten times the size they should be based on its overall mass and frame. It's surmised that these have either developed (or have been genetically altered) in order to allow these Ezoghouls to tap into an extra boost of situationally-enhanced adrenaline levels, thus granting them incredibly gains in combat effectiveness, unheard of on the battlefield. Once this "Adrenaline Rush" kicks in, it spurs the Ezoghoul into a furious berserker rage that could last for several minutes, during which time this monster becomes a damage-dealing fiend of frightening proportions.

II. SUMMARY A. Cause of Death

Acute circulatory failure due to massive internal organ perforations caused by the penetration of multiple high-powered ballistic rounds.

B. Manner of Death

Combat-related termination

Chief Medical Examiner — P. Broman  

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