16 October 2008

Bear Kapitan

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 017 Unit Designation: "Bear Kapitan" Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: In a recent Bauhaus military exercise, one of our agents nabbed both digi-cam footage and hard data on a new unit being deployed by our Megacorporate brethren — the Bear Kapitan. The naming convention used here implies other ranks but our associate was only able to provide details on this unit, in particular. His notes follow:

"These new Bear Kapitan units are remarkably sturdy — I've seen several of these soldiers hunker down under serious artillery fire but come out more or less unscathed. Chalk it up to clean living, eh?
Not only are they healthy brutes but these warriors seem quite capable as leaders, aware of both tactical issues and adept at making intelligent strategic choices. 'Course it doesn't hurt that they're lugging around those insanely powerful atlas megacannons, either. Those land-connons have excellent range and stopping power as well as the unique capability to re-coordinate their original targeting data, thus, providing a quick and more accurate second shot. I've seen this hard-hitting weapon punch straight through combat armor like it was tinfoil.
Finally, as if all these traits didn't make these guys tough hombres from the start, they feature special lightwave scramblers that activate to create an incredibly useful camouflage effect around the user. My recommendations are for opposing megacorporations to create stronger armor and to not take these new units lightly. They're extremely effective in battle."

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