Decide the  
Fate of the Galaxy

Star Wars™: The Card Game

A Head-to-head Living Card Game® of Tactical Combat

In Star Wars: The Card Game, light side and dark side players duel for the fate of the galaxy. While the light side player races to make tactical strikes against dark side objectives, the dark side player works to reinforce his position by advancing the game’s Death Star dial. The dark side player advances the dial at the beginning of his turns and can accelerate its advancement by launching successful attacks against the light side. If the dial reaches 12, the dark side is victorious. Given enough time, the dark side player will inevitably discover the last remnants of the light side’s resistance, and wipe them out with one commanding gesture.

Thus, just like in the classic trilogy, time is always running out for the light side, and its heroes must find a way to strike quickly for maximum damage. The light side player wins by destroying three dark side objectives, cards that represent a player’s missions or strategies. However, destroying an opponent’s objective requires getting sufficient firepower past the dark side’s defenses. Every attack must be carefully considered – the galaxy hangs in the balance!

Harness the Power
of the Force

Bring the Excitement of Star Wars to Life

Every game pits the lights side against the dark side in a climactic struggle

Iconic Heroes
and Deadly Villains

A Gamble for Victory

Like the original Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: The Card Game is filled with thrilling confrontations between opposing starfighters and squads of Rebel and Imperial troopers. Smugglers confront bounty hunters, and Jedi face off against Sith in epic lightsaber duels. Your forces in this game may consist of massive capital ships, squadrons of starfighters, or characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. Every battle offers an enthralling “what if” scenario that pits iconic characters and vehicles against each other.

Before every battle, however, both players struggle for the stronger position in a tense edge battle. The player who wins the edge earns the right to strike first as well and gains other potential benefits. These edge battles further ensure that no card in your hand is ever without value. The dramatic tactical advantages that come with winning the edge may be well worth spending the cards in your hand. Just like in the movies, both light side and dark side have challenging decisions to make during every battle.

It Is the Future You See

A New Model for Deck-building

Star Wars: The Card Game takes the LCG model in an exciting new direction, pursuing an innovative new style of set-focused deck-building! In this game, each deck consists of ten or more objective sets. An objective set includes six cards: one objective and five corresponding cards that go in a player’s command deck. This new model makes deck-building more accessible to new players, as they can select ten objective sets and combine them to form a deck, rather than assembling an entire deck out of individual cards.

This model also presents a compelling new deck-building challenge for veteran card players. Traditionally, veteran players approach customizable card games by evaluating the worth of every individual card in a deck. Star Wars: The Card Game, however, explores exciting new design territory; players are faced with the task of evaluating groups of cards and building a deck by selecting among those groups. This new approach allows for intense strategic customization, while maintaining core thematic elements from the Star Wars saga.

Become the Ultimate
Power in the Galaxy

Choose Your Side

Will you fight for the dark side or the light side? Prepare to enter the classic Star Wars trilogy like never before.