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Elder Sign: Museum Gamemat

Fantasy Flight Supply Elder Sign Gamemats

"Jones had casually dropped into the museum one afternoon, and was wandering through the dim corridors whose horrors were now so familiar, when he heard a very peculiar sound…"
     –H.P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, The Horror in the Museum

Protect your cards and dice from the horrors of Elder Sign—as well as the imperfections of your tabletop—by playing atop the Museum Gamemat!

With its map of the Miskatonic Museum and its occult exhibits, the 26” by 26” Museum Gamemat brings you a step closer to the investigations you’re attempting in your game. You’ll find line illustrations of some of the Museum’s stranger and more terrifying objects, as well as an art nouveau border that encourages you to action with heroic art of two investigators and two monsters.

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