Clan Standings

The Great Clans of Rokugan are united in their service of the Emperor, but conflicts among the clans are plentiful and fierce. Each contest on the battlefields and in the courts influences how those clans are viewed by the rest of Rokugan. Some place even more value on achieving victory or accepting defeat honorably. The high esteem or utter disregard in which a clan is held will affect their dealings at court, their recruitment of samurai, and the Emperor's support for their goals.

Throughout the Toshi Ranbo Season, players will contribute to their clan's standing in the eyes of the Emperor, the minds of the courtiers, and the hearts of the denizens of Rokugan. Three types of points are awarded at Kotei Series events, and will ultimately determine the outcome of three different rewards for the Winter Court World Championship. Read on to discover where your clan stands in the competition for each reward, and how points are awarded!

Return here for the current point standings after the Winter Court World Championship, where the order in which clans select their roles will determine tiebreaker points, and the Court of the Dragon Clan side event will contribute some initial points to begin the Toshi Ranbo Season.

The Emperor's Favor

The Emperor extends the honor of hosting his Winter Court to the clan he favors most. The Imperial convoy, including the Emperor himself, will journey to that clan's stronghold and hold court. Representatives from all of the other clans will attend Winter Court, acknowledging the great honor bestowed upon the hosting clan. At the Winter Court World Championship, the hosting clan is reflected in the decoration and theme of the event. They are also represented on many of the prizes awarded to World Championship competitiors. Earning the Emperor's Favor ensures that the prizes your clan members earn at this prestigious event will celebrate your clan's recognition by the Emperor, and that each other clan's representatives will remember your triumph.

2017 Winter Court World Championship playmats representing the Dragon Clan, who earned the Emperor's Favor at Gen Con 2017.

But only the most impressive victories and shameful defeats will reach the Emperor's ears. Hatamotos are among a clan's finest and most loyal representatives, and their performance at Kotei and Grand Kotei events are the primary way that Favor Points are earned. On rare occasions, impressive shows of clan loyalty by any clan members may also be recognized with additional Favor Points.

  • A Hatamoto earns 10 Favor Points for their clan with each victory they claim during the Samurai and Magistrate Stages of a Kotei event.
  • A Hatamoto loses 10 Favor Points for their clan with each defeat they suffer during the Samurai and Magistrate Stages of a Kotei event.
  • At Grand Kotei events, the Favor Points earned or lost by Hatamotos is doubled.
  • At each Kotei or Grand Kotei event, one or more clans may be recognized for an impressive display of loyalty, earning a share of up to 100 Favor Points for their clans.

Current Favor Points

Clan Favor Points
Crab 28%
Crane 11%
Dragon 15%
Lion 4%
Phoenix 11%
Scorpion 30%
Unicorn 1%

Additional Elemental Role

Following the Winter Court World Championship, the top finisher from each clan will select their clan's exclusive elemental role for the new season in the Roles of Rokugan ceremony. At Organized Play events, their clan alone will utilize that role card when constructing their decks throughout that season. However, at the Winter Court World Championship and a special in-store event, each clan will gain the option of using a different role, as determined by Elemental Points and voting!

The roles chosen at the Roles of Rokugan ceremony can be assigned to an additional clan, but each of the ten elemental roles can only be assigned once during the Clan Standings process. Each competitor who enrolls in a Kotei, Grand Kotei, or Proving Grounds side event will cast one vote for the additional role they want their clan to gain access to, from among the other nine roles. Each vote assigns 10 Elemental Points to the clan who currently holds that role.

After the last Kotei Series event in the Toshi Ranbo Season, the clan with the fewest Elemental Points receives access to the role which their clan placed the most votes for. Then the remaining clan with the fewest Elemental Points receives access to the remaining role which their clan placed the most votes for. This will be repeated for the remaining five clans and five more roles. Ties for votes by a clan will be resolved by total votes for those roles across all clans, and then at random.

Current Elemental Standing

Ranking Clan
1st Unicorn
2nd Lion
3rd Crab
3rd Dragon
5th Crane
6th Phoenix
7th Scorpion

Exclusive New Card

The greatest prize of the Toshi Ranbo Season is awarded to the clan who achieves the most success in pursuit of the the two titles at each Kotei Series event: the title of champion, and the title of most honorable clan. The Great Clans will earn Glory Points at each event, with the winning clan receiving an exclusive new card in a future release. This card reflects the namesake of the season, the strategic city of Toshi Ranbo. More information about this card, and the impact it will have for the clan that wins it, will be shared after the Toshi Ranbo Season is underway.

  • Each player who advances to the elimination round of 16 during the Daimyō Stage earns 30 Glory Points for their clan. The champion also earns 100 additional Glory Points for their clan.
  • The clan which wins the most honorable title after the Magistrate Stage at each Kotei Series will earn 200 Glory Points. In honorable rank order, each other clan will earn 20 less Glory Points than the clan above them.

Current Glory Points

Clan Glory Points
Crab 19%
Crane 14%
Dragon 12%
Lion 15%
Phoenix 12%
Scorpion 20%
Unicorn 7%

Updated on July 19th, 2018.