A Fistful of Credits

No Disintegrations Is Available Now!

Some do it solely for the money. Others, the challenge. A few even desire to see the justice that the law often can’t provide. The life of a bounty hunter can provide all of these treasures and more to an individual of supreme ability and dedication. No Disintegrations, a new sourcebook for Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire™, offers a myriad of exciting campaign and character options for those who pursue lucrative justice, and it’s on sale now at your local retailer and in our online store.

A bounty hunter’s career is defined by uncertainty; bounty contracts come from nearly any place and for almost any reason. An Imperial Moff may need a deserter captured quietly to ensure the recovery of some very sensitive information the Rebellion is trying to purchase; “dead or alive, as long as you get that datapad.” An up-and-coming majordomo for a notorious Hutt crime lord requires the live capture of a droid tech in the service of a rival so that he may be ‘convinced’ to accept employment opportunities with said Hutt. A small-town sheriff on a backwater planet needs a ruthless pirate band dealt with, and is willing to pay handsomely for the safety of her community. It’s the promise of profit and the thrill of the chase that puts bounty hunters on the path; No Disintegrations gives you everything you need to make that path as lucrative as possible.

Prepare For The Hunt

No Disintegrations provides players and gamemasters alike even more variety to populate the galaxy. Face-changing Clawdites utilize their innate—and quite unique—gift to avoid detection and take their prey by surprise. The hardy Kallerans, guided by principles of self-reliance and independence, venture into a galactic society that has destabilized their homeworld for generations. Naturally restless explorers, the horned Devaronians venture confidently into space in pursuit of exciting adventure and riches untold.

As for where you can take your Bounty Hunter, the Martial Artist find balance in offense and defense and seeks to outmaneuver and outlast even the most formidable opponent. Skip Tracers combine their wits and underworld connections to investigate, pursue, and locate the targets of their bounty contracts. Operators tend to follow the path on a larger scale, bringing to bear some of the most impressive starships and vehicles in the galaxy to incapacitate their quarries' defenses and means of escape.

As bounty hunters accrue a reputation, and the accompanying credits, they will find that the tools required to complete their contracts become more formidable. The iconic Mandalorian armor awaits, serving as a platform to be modified and augmented to serve whatever needs its owner requires. New starships such as the YV-666 Light Freighter and the Lancer-class Pursuit Craft add more terrific options to the hunter and their companions when choosing a mobile base of operations.

Our First Catch of the Day

Veteran bounty hunters who have dedicated themselves to the perfection of their ‘craft’ will gain access to the Signature Abilities found in No Disintegrations. Always Get My Mark puts the narrative pursuit abilities of the Skip Tracer on overdrive. By spending Destiny Points and making a Streetwise check, the bounty hunter utilizes the network of informants and contacts they have gained over their career and find themselves almost immediately upon their prey.

Alternatively, a bounty hunter who prefers to fulfil contracts by delivering corpses—or who often finds themselves with a bevy of disagreeable but expendable interference between them and their target—may instead decide to invest in Unmatched Devastation, an ability whose evocative name is rivaled only by its potential for ruination delivered upon the hunter’s foes.

The benefits of No Disintegrations are not restricted merely to bounty hunters, or even just to a classic Edge of the Empire campaign. Players in a Force and Destiny™ story may need to explore the deep investigative opportunities to locate an enigmatic individual who is rumored to possess extensive knowledge of the fabled Jedi Order which they must save before the Inquisitors of the Empire becomes aware. Additionally, the arsenal of new weapons, armor, gear, and ships will be a welcome sight to a scrappy band of Rebels working tirelessly to restore the Galactic Republic in an Age of Rebellion™ campaign.

Don’t let your prey escape you; No Disintegrations is available today from your local retailer or our online store!

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