The Plugged-in Tour for Android: Netrunner kicks off in less than two weeks!

Throughout October and early November, FFG staff will travel across North America to meet players, run demos, judge tournaments, and collect your votes as participants elect one of two potential Runner identities to join the game.

We are excited by the opportunity the Plugged-in Tour affords us to meet players from across North America, and you can help us make these events successful by arriving fully prepared!

Demos and Staff Challenges

Throughout the Plugged-in Tour , venues will help us administer the tournaments, leaving us as much time as possible to run demos, face players in staff challenges, and judge the tournaments.

Plugged-in Tournaments

Each Plugged-in Tour event features an Android: Netrunner tournament meant to appeal to all fans of Android: Netrunner , beginners and veterans alike. Certainly, top-level players will find other skilled competitors at these tournaments, but our intent is to make these events accessible to players across a wide spectrum of talent and experience.

64 or fewer players 5 rounds
65 or more players
6 rounds

Participating in the Plugged-in Tour

Attendance at some of the Plugged-in Tour venues may be limited. If you have any questions about attendance, please contact the venue. Contact information is included in our full schedule of tour events .

Again, anyone participating in these Plugged-in Tour events can cast a vote for one of the two potential Runner identities. This includes all tournament participants, as well as everyone who participates in a demo or staff challenge. Likewise, all event participants will receive an alternate art Gabriel Santiago identity card (limit one per participant).


As we wait for the tour to begin, we’ll take a closer look at the two different Runner identities and what they may bring to the game. Then, when the tour gets started, we’ll keep you up to date with information from each event, including the mix of Corp and Runner factions, winning deck lists, and other news.

The time to plug-in is rapidly approaching. Make your plans to join us, and let us know you're attending !

Based on the classic card game designed by Richard Garfield, Android: Netrunner The Card Game is a game for two players set in the dystopian future of Android . It pits monolothic megacorps against subversive netrunners in a high-stakes struggle for the control of valuable data.

Netrunner is a TM of R. Talsorian Games, Inc. Android is TM & ©2015 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Netrunner is licensed by Wizards of the Coast LLC. ©2015 Wizards.
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