Each character can be broken down into 2 parts: their overall strategy and their plot specific strategy.

Louis is great at piecing together the murder. He has a number of abilities that add to this. He can place and move evidence at a far greater pace than any other detective. Use his light cards to further aid this. In addition to the evidence, Louis has cards that will allow him to look at the unused Hunch cards. This helps him choose who to remove evidence from, and can really put the hurt on another player's hunch. Use the favors you get. Louis is the king of favors, he will get more. Do not worry about using them, many of Louis' light cards will give more of them. Take care to get the Mr. Li favors, as they are the best favors in the game. These favors, depending on the conspiracy, can potentially be worth 16 points each! Also pay attention to Louis' mood. He can chain together a number of cards depending on which side is up. In a good mood, Louis can potentially play 3 light cards in a row without being fully dark shifted. In a bad mood, Louis can do terrifying amounts of damage with the pile of dark cards that can be linked together.



The Sara plot is Kevin's favorite. Sara is a very positive force in Louis' life. Her plot deck is one of the only plots that does not dark shift Louis. Take care to place good baggage on this plot. It can help power many of Louis' cards.

On The Take
This plot deck features a significant number of fights. Use these fights to your advantage. Many of them will result in extra cards. The other highlight of this deck are the number of Mr. Li favors. Take advantage of the ability to gain these. As stated above, these can potentially be worth 16 victory points at the end of the game.

Krausey Case
The Krausey case gives Louis much more emphasis on piecing together the murder. If done successfully, the end result of this plot makes Louis' guilty hunch worth extra victory points. The other possible benefit gives good baggage towards the next plot. Use this to your advantage, as Louis can be very susceptible to bad baggage.

In addition to the above, each detective comes with a sheet detailing some of the key strengths and weaknesses. Louis' sheet is listed below.

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Now while these provide some useful tips, they are by no means the only way to play Louis. While not his strong suit, Louis can work the conspiracy to make the high volume of favors he can gain worth extra victory points. In addition Louis can get into dark cards wars with other players, and will generally come out on top. Play through Louis a few times and find which of his many strategies work for you.


Next we look at the bounty hunter, Rachel.

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