Welcome back, A Game of Thrones Community, to the second part of our series on running Organized Play for your A Game of Thrones metagame.

Hedge Tournaments

Hedge Tournaments are monthly tournaments held at your Friendly Local Game Store.  The first and second place players at these tournaments receive a shield or banner pin featuring that month's Great House icon. February's Hedge tournament will be called the Balon's Rebellion Hedge Tournament , and can be held anytime during the month of February .

Every month there will be a new tournament with a new pin. February's tournament features the shield pin of house Greyjoy (pictured left). This program is free to participate in, but must be sponsored by a brick and mortar game store. The deadline for signing up for this program is always the 17th of the preceding month . Only one hedge tournament per Night's Watch Tournament Organizer can be run each month. The Balon's Rebellion Hedge Tournament must be run between February 1st and the 28th .

Scroll down to the end of this article for more information on how to sign your store up for a Hedge Tournament .

Regional Championships 2009

An A Game of Thrones Regional Championship is a high caliber FFG-sponsored event, featuring both Joust (one vs. one) and Melee (multiplayer) tournaments. Tournament Organizers must show a willingness to make this event special for every participant and demonstrate excitement for promoting this event.

Regional Events are planned with the players in mind. These tournaments will feature the highest competition you will find anywhere in the world.

When will Regionals be scheduled?

Tournament Organizers can apply to host a regional event between February 1st and June 30th.

Where will Regionals be held?

Regional coverage will be as broad and comprehensive as possible, and any area can apply to run A Game of Thrones Regional Championship event. Fantasy Flight Games will work to bring A Game of Thrones Regional Championship tournament to your area.

Applications to host an A Game of Thrones Regional Championship event are due 8 weeks before the anticipated date of the event. Prospective applicants are encouraged to plan their event for a weekend, as this makes it easiest for players to travel and attend.

Why would I host or play in a Regional Championship?

Hosting a Regional level event is a wonderful opportunity for your playgroup and local game store. Regional level events are the best way to showcase the game and your area as a hub of AGoT activity. Players who win Regional tournaments receive points towards winning the World Championship, as well as other exciting AGoT-related prizes.

How do I apply to host a Regional Championship?

In order to host a Regional level event, you must fill out the application (PDF, 248KB), and submit it (via mail or fax) to FFG at least 8 weeks before the anticipated date of your event. At that time, an event coordinator will communicate with you about the details of your event, and based on approval, will post the information about your event.

Download the Regional Championships Application (PDF, 248KB)

How much does running a Regional Championship cost?

Regional applicants should be prepared to order a Regional Kit (costing $160.00 + shipping) if their Regional application is approved. These kits will include prizes for the winners, as well as promotional material and swag to assist in running the event. Tournament Organizers may charge a fee for Regional participants to offset this cost.

The complete break-down of these kits are:
* 16x A Game of Thrones-themed playing cards
* 1x 2008-2009 Regional Joust Champion Crystal House Card
* 1x 2008-2009 Regional Melee Champion Crystal House Card
* 30x Regional Champion poker chip-style power counters
* 1x 2008-2009 Regional banner
* 4x Art Prints

On what criteria will Regional events be approved?

Regionals must be properly supported and promoted by the Tournament Organizer or host of the event. Originality of ideas to make the event memorable is important. Regionals must have a minimum of 16 participants to be viewed as a Regional level tournament. Willingness to coordinate and work with FFG with the larger regional schedule and vision in mind will aid towards approval.

Regionals will culminate at the North American Championship and the European Championship. Information about dates and locations of these events are forthcoming.

How do I sign my store up for a Hedge Tournament?

You can sign up by going to our Organized Play website and creating an account for your store.  When you arrive at the website, you'll want to enter your information into the fields provided.


Click on the "Signup" button to create an account.

After registering you'll want to apply as a Night's Watch under the Tournament Organizer Application.  Select AGoT Tournament Organizer Questionnaire from the drop down menu.

After you've become a member of the Night's Watch, you'll need to submit your venue for approval.

Once this is done you will need to create your tournament.

If you submit your tournament before the 17th of the preceding month you will receive your prize support in the mail shortly.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact Stephen Horvath or Paul Bromen

For information on our Storyline Leagues, please refer to this article .

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