Though millennia have passed since the Twilight Wars erupted across the face of the galaxy, their tragic scar remains. But even as the great races struggle to reclaim some semblance of their former glory, ambition grows unchecked in their hearts. Ancient civilizations harbor ancient grudges, while newcomers to the galaxy work to further their own inscrutable agendas. But no matter their reasons, the horrors of the Twilight Wars have not deterred the great races from their prize; it has only delayed them. Whether by the power of a Dreadnought or the honeyed words of diplomacy, they all seek to claim the war-torn planet of Mecatol Rex... and with it, control of the galaxy.

Shards of the Throne , an expansion for Twilight Imperium , is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore ! As the war escalates with the appearance of deadly new technology, three new races enter the fray: the Arborec, a sentient ecosystem made up of millions of plants; the Nekro Virus, a cold and unfeeling machine bent on the destruction of all biological life; and the Ghosts of Creuss, a mysterious race of beings made of energy and light. As they join the galaxy's elder races, the ruins of an ancient empire wait to be claimed by the most cunning, strategic, and powerful civilization left standing.

Shards of the Throne features a host of new options for your galactic conquests, from new alternate Strategy Cards to new races and units. Prepare yourself for an even more epic struggle for galactic dominance.

Reinforcements arrive

With massive Flagships, heavily armored Mechanized Units, versatile Mercenaries, and all new technologies, Shards of the Throne gives you even more options when constructing your fleet. Flagships represent a civilization’s peak of engineering and their special abilities reflect each race’s unique play style, while Mechanized Units are powerful planetary machines of war that can be added to your Ground Forces. Want to supplement your forces? Mercenaries are elite pilots and soldiers that sell their skills to the highest bidder, aiding your Ground Forces or Fleet whenever their services are needed.

Be careful who you trust

The new Political Intrigue option lets you control the amount of influence you’ll have in the Galactic Council... or undermine the influence of an opponent. With a selection of Representatives at your disposal, you must choose carefully. Will you send your best orator in an attempt to gain voting power, or will you send an assassin to strike at an enemy? Each Representative serves his people in different ways, so your political decisions have never been more important.

What’s more, you can now offer binding promises to other players in the form of Promissory Notes, which offer enticing incentives with which to buy their votes . But beware! Such favors can be called in at any time, so be careful in whom you place your trust.

Rewrite history

The legendary Lazax ruled the galaxy over three thousand years ago, and their fall ushered in an age of darkness. But what led them to their tragic end? Shards of the Throne comes with an exciting historic scenario that lets one player take on the role of the Lazax, tasked with maintaing control over a crumbling empire. Can you change the course of history?

With all these additions, as well as new Race-Specific Technologies, Preliminary Objectives, new Domain Counters, new System Tiles, plus new content for the Shattered Empire expansion, Shards of the Throne will propel your struggle for galactic conquest to exciting new heights.

Visit our Shards of the Throne website or read our in-depth previews to learn more. Then, head to your local retailer to bring the galaxy under your control!

Twilight Imperium is a board game of galactic politics, trade, and warfare. 3-6 players each control an acclaimed civilization, vying for galactic supremacy through any means necessary.  Each civilization provides an entirely different experience with their own individual abilities and play styles. Are you ready for another Age of Twilight?

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