On the smoky battlefields, a thundering pace reverberates in the distance.  You thought the fight was over, but this was just round one.  In the hazy fog, a silhouette appears of a creature so large and oddly formed you can only think of it to be one thing.  The one thing you were warned about when entering this field.  The one thing people only dared whisper about-the Troll!

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce a new exclusive Troll web-scenario for BattleLore.  This brand new scenario has been created by the original designer of the game himself, Richard Borg.  In this scenario, you and your units are on water detail when, to your horror, you encounter the Troll.  As the Troll is startled and charges directly into your troops, droves of English soldiers accompany the assault with this awful creature.

You can find this new Troll scenario in the BattleLore support section .  Also, in the Support Section you will find the Troll Unit Cards which you can print out and add to your collection.  Enjoy! 

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