X-wing System Open Series



The Galactic Civil War rages across the galaxy! You are an ace pilot, and whether you’re more at home in an X-wing or a TIE fighter, you can use your training, skills, and lightning reflexes to decide interstellar battles across the galaxy. You may be a veteran of countless dogfights, or perhaps you just graduated from Imperial Academy, but no matter what your background, the X-Wing System Open Series is your chance to prove your mettle!

The X-Wing System Open Series is the first international tournament for X-Wing, held in eight distinct regions around the world. Each region will host a massive tournament that invites players of all skill levels to battle for control of an iconic Star Wars planet! Check the schedule below for a full list of tournaments, dates, times, and more information.



January 28 - January 29th
San Antonio, TX USA


February 18 - 19th
San Diego, CA USA


February 18 - 19th
Birmingham, UK


February 25 - 26th
Nuremberg, Germany


March 3 - 5th
Seattle, WA USA


March 18 - 19th
Syracuse, NY USA


March 18 - 19th
Madrid, Spain


March 23 - 25th
Chicago, IL USA

The Ultimate Prize

For the eight aces who claim victory in their regions, the journey isn’t over yet! Each victor will receive transportation, tickets, and accommodation to attend the 2017 Star Wars Celebrations in Orlando, Florida, alongside entry to the exclusive, eight-player Coruscant Invitational held at Star Wars Celebration.

Coruscant Invitational

April 13th, 2017
Orlando, Florida

Star Wars Celebration

Travel to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Celebration is the ultimate experience for fans of the Star Wars galaxy. Each Star Wars Celebration is four days of exhibits, exclusive panels and screenings, celebrity guests, autograph sessions, and other surprises. Here, you can meet with friends and make new memories in the ever-evolving universe of Star Wars.

More Details


Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

Get to your ships!

X-Wing is a thrilling miniatures game of fast maneuvers and devastating attacks for two players. Each player commands a small squadron of iconic Star Wars™ starfighters in a deadly dogfight. In every game, you’ll set your ships’ maneuvers, dart around asteroids, barrel roll into position, and unleash barrages of laser fire at your opponent’s ships.

Create a Squadron

X-Wing is quick to play and simple to learn, but it’s also a game of immense customizability. Before each game, you and your opponent construct a squad of iconic Star Wars™ starfighters, assigning pilots like Luke Skywalker™, Poe Dameron™, and Darth Vader™, and upgrading your ships with astromech droids, explosive ordnance, or additional crew members.


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