Dust Tactics

Feldwebel Lara Walter has sent one of her walkers to scout ahead into the heart of Southampton. If it discovers any advance Allied troops near the disputed Cobden Bridge she’ll send her Sturmpionieren to annihilate them. Once the bridge has been seized, Lara is certain the Allied defense will collapse, giving control of southern England to the Axis!

Welcome to the alternate 1940s universe of Dust Tactics. The year is 1947, and the Allied and Axis forces are still clashing on the battlefield. Since the discovery of a revolutionary and mysterious ore, VK, which fuels elite troops and massive combat walkers, brutal combat is the only warfare known.

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures board game of ruthless engagements in which two to four players wage war against each other with the forces of rival factions belonging to one of the world’s superpowers. The Allies and the Axis control the majority of the world and constantly battle for valuable and rare deposits of VK. Which battle will decide the outcome of the war?

A Miniatures Game for Board Game Enthusiasts

The world of tabletop gaming is simple with the flexible approach of Dust Tactics. The Revised Core Set includes all the components necessary to immediately join your compatriots on the field of battle, and features the pre-assembled and pre-primed forces of two rival factions. When you are ready to move beyond the Core Set and customize the forces you bring to the battlefield, Dust Tactics has a huge library of single unit expansions.

The Revised Core Set includes everything you need to play a complete game of Dust Tactics, featuring over twenty-five detailed miniature figures and two walker miniatures exclusive to the set, two double-sided terrain posters, nine double-sided hazard squares, six custom dice, an updated rulebook, a Victory Bridge scenario book, ten unit cards, and four 3D cover elements.

Immerse yourself into the alternate 1940s world of broken alliances, revolutionary weaponry, and weird science with engaging scenarios that feature a compelling narrative. The included Victory Bridge scenario book details a campaign surrounding the Cobden Bridge. This strategic bridge leads into the center of Southampton, and whichever bloc takes the bridge gains access to all of southern England.

Dust Tactics simulates an entire battle, from deploying your troops to the final weapon discharged. Played over a series of rounds, you and the opposition roll for initiative, activate units, move, and attack. Combat is resolved using the included custom dice. Target symbols on the dice indicate a success and are affected by the attacking unit’s weapon abilities and whether the defending unit is in cover. The tense atmosphere that battle brings will influence your every move. Prepare to lay waste to the competition.

Revised Core Set

The Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set provides players with a smaller and more compact box which includes miniatures exclusive to this Core Set, that are compatible with all Dust Tactics releases.

Allied players will be thrilled to lead their ranks with the new hero, Sergeant Major William Springfield, nicknamed Rhino for famously falling into an animalistic frenzy when fighting against the enemy. The three Allied infantry units featured in the Revised Core Set will swiftly deal savage damage to their Axis foes through their impressive firepower. Blackhawk, the new Allied light assault walker, can destroy any target at close range with its explosive attack.

The Axis bloc is always prepared for war. Impressive hero Lara Walter is leading the Axis invasion of southern England. Her keen sense of urban tactical warfare and twin-linked machine guns blasts holes in any Allied defense. Together with three heavily armored units of soldiers, the Axis invasion is brutally devastating. Using the Axis walker, Hans, to scout ahead gives any Axis general an advantage.

Additionally, the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set includes the new Victory Bridge scenario book that details a campaign players can carry out on the double-sided terrain posters (each the size of six terrain tiles). The included terrain posters introduce Dust Tactics players to new terrain elements such as a bridge and allow players to experience urban warfare with the featured building structures.

Click to see the reverse side of each terrain poster.

In addition, the Dust Tactics Terrain Tile Set is a standalone product that will give players access to tiles to carry out massive battles in indoor and outdoor locations. Dust Tactics players can pick up a copy of the Dust Tactics Terrain Tile Set to augment their Dust Tactics map selection.

The Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set also features the new army point costs detailed below.

The Point System

When the Dust Tactics community was introduced to the official Dust Tactics tournament rules, the response was positive and encouraging. Players appreciated the featured tournament army point costs as they inspired even more variety in army building while still providing the same compelling game experience.

The decision was made to make these official tournament army points the new Dust Tactics point system. This implementation will provide players with a new army building experience in the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set, the Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack, and an even more dynamic game design in other expansions.

Pre-primed Miniatures

The included plastic miniature figures and walker miniatures are pre-primed and ready for battle. Players can delight in bringing these finely sculpted miniatures into the fray straight from the box or customizing them first with their own personalized painting.

Each miniature is well sculpted and has an individual feel, underscoring the importance of every soldier in the Dust Tactics world. Each Dust Tactics unit of soldiers is unique and brings different capabilities to a player’s army through a combination of abilities and weapons. Additionally, each miniature is sculpted to reflect the type of equipment available to him on his unit card.

Can’t Get Enough of Dust Tactics?

Dust Tactics has an extensive library of expansions with a universe of strategic options for augmenting your forces that will provide further variety to your Dust Tactics experience.

Dust Tactics’ campaign expansions, Operation "Cyclone" and Operation "SeeLöwe," offer players new troops, new terrain, and new scenarios with which to carry out campaigns. Dust Tactics’s myriad of troop and walker expansions allow players to customize their armies and increase their army building choices one unit at a time.

Operation “Cyclone” transports the battlefield to the icy shores of Antarctica. Fight through eight exciting new battles to claim a rich mine of VK and direct access to the sea. Also included in Operation “Cyclone” are supplemental rules for artillery and amphibious assaults, six new terrain tiles, nine hazard squares, ammo crates and anti-tank traps, and more. You can also add a new hero to your army with Master Sergeant Rosie Donovan for the Allies or Manfred Kreuzer for the Axis.

Join the fight at Scapa Flow with Operation “SeeLöwe.” The Allied forces have been forced to split their focus, leaving their naval base defenseless to Axis attacks… or so it seems. With eight new scenarios that tell the story of the attack at Scapa Flow and new tiles that introduce buildings to Dust Tactics, Operation “SeeLöwe” offers players new tactical decisions in an urban environment. This campaign expansion also welcomes two new heroes to the war: Ozz 117 (real name unknown) to the Allied forces, and Markus, the first “war gorilla” to lead Axis troops.

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45 – 60 minutes

2 – 4 players

Ages 13+


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