2019 System Open Prizes

A Look at the System Open Prizes to Debut in November 2018

A New Classic

Preview the T-70 X-Wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing

We're in Position

How Organized Play Complements the Release of X-Wing™ Second Edition

A New Order

Preview the Upgrade Cards in the First Order Conversion Kit for X-Wing

Continuing the Fight

Preview the Upgrade Cards in the Resistance Conversion Kit for X-Wing

28 September 2018 | Designer Journal

"I Play to Win" Is a Lie

A Designer Journal from Nate French

Flight Academy: The Galaxy's Greatest

An Interview with the 2017 X-Wing™ Coruscant Invitational Champion

A New Era Begins

X-Wing Second Edition Is Now Available

Take Command

Fourteen X-Wing Second Edition Expansions Are Now Available

Flight Academy: Flying in Formation

A Look at Formation Flying by 2012 World Champion Doug Kinney

Deadly Calculations

Preview a Scum and Villainy List for X-Wing Second Edition

Start Your Run

Join an X-Wing Second Edition Launch Party Near You

Flight Academy: The Rule of 11

Guest Writer Kris Sherriff on Planning Your Initial Engagement

Flight Academy: Getting More for Less

Guest Writer Paul Heaver on Action Economy in X-Wing™

Pushing the Envelope

Preview an Imperial List for X-Wing Second Edition

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