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A New FAQ for Arkham Horror: The Card Game is Now Available


Greetings, investigators of Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Duke here again. We're here to serve up a small aperitif for The Feast of Hemlock Vale expansions with a tasty new FAQ and Taboo list. It’s just an appetizer this time around, but I'd like to draw your attention to a few delicious morsels.


By and large, we’d prefer to avoid issuing errata at all. However, some card effects might not function as intended or even break the game: this is why the errata list exists. You’ll see some additional errata for both The Blob That Ate Everything along with The Scarlet Keys expansions. (We’re not letting Charlie Kane off the hook with his Burden of Leadership any longer!)

The most significant errata I’d like to highlight concerns two scenarios in The Feast of Hemlock Vale Campaign Expansion. While this campaign’s unique structure gives investigators an opportunity to play 5 scenarios during either the day or the night, there are two scenarios in particular that can only be played on specific nights: The Twisted Hollow and (unsurprisingly) The Longest Night. Because each of these scenarios contain key story beats, The Twisted Hollow may only be played on Night 1, and The Longest Night may only be played on Night 2. While this may be intuitive to most players who are following the story, I’d like to make sure players are explicitly made aware!

Rulings and Clarifications

One of the few major rulings you’ll see this time around (1.28) concerns clues on player cards. With the release of Kate Winthrop, we’ve seen a fair bit of discussion around her ability to move clues on Science and Tool assets she controls. As mentioned in The Feast of Hemlock Vale rules insert, all clues Kate moves onto her assets may be spent as normal (and in fact, a Kate player will often want to spend clues on assets to free them up for more shenanigans with Flux Stabilizer).

When an asset with clues on it leaves play, however, it follows the same rules as investigator elimination: any clues on it are placed on its location. The Forced effect on Kate Winthrop’s investigator card makes this clear (and is, in fact, more reminder text than anything else) but we wanted to codify this ruling for any potential edge cases that might arise (curse you, Stubborn Detective).

We’ve added almost a page of FAQs and clarifications in advance of some of the new cards, as well. What is the difference between “gaining,” “moving,” and “placing” resources? Is Alessandra Zorzi’s Beguile a Parley, Evade, or Investigate action? You’ll see some adjustments to past rulings on these questions in the FAQ section, so I recommend you check it out!

The Taboo List

We’ve taken a fairly light touch to the Taboo list in this update. We’ve chained 3 Survivor assets that typically overperform compared to their peers. Scavenging and Scavenging (2) cost a bit more, and Old Keyring (3) has gotten a bump in XP cost as well. You’ll also see the upgraded Hypnotic Gaze got a little glow up to match its lower-level version from the last FAQ.

You'll also see a mutation to Pay Day: the card now gains you resources based on how many actions you’ve spent this round, which reflects the card's identity more simply. Rogues are the big-action class, after all!

As always, the purpose of the FAQ is to help you enjoy and understand Arkham Horror: The Card Game more. The taboo list is entirely optional, but is intended to shape the current “meta” and rebalance cards that we see under- or overperforming. Please keep in mind that this list isn’t a comprehensive or even permanent document; we’re always listening and are constantly adjusting and refining to make this game the best it can be. Hopefully these changes get you excited as we lay the groundwork for what’s next, and we’re excited to see what new and amazing decks you can build!

Bon appetit, fellow feasters!

Josiah “Duke” Harrist

Nicholas Kory

Alex Werner

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