Relics of the Past

Announcing the Monterey Jack Parallel Investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


You’ve read  about the Miskatonic University’s failed expedition into the jungles of Mexico, searching for the remnants of a civilization lost to the ages. The expedition returned with little to show for their efforts, and that’s where the reports end. No further endeavors are being funded by the University. But you can’t help but wonder what mysteries remain hidden deep beneath those vine-choked ruins...

Grab your bullwhip, consult your map, and get ready to delve back into ancient tombs with the latest parallel investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Monterey Jack!

This Belongs in a Museum!

Monterey Jack (Parallel Investigators, 62) brought us to the bitter cold of Anarctica with the Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion in 2021. Now, Monty returns to the dusty crypts of the ancient world with a whole new playstyle focused on gathering and playing relics! After parallel Monterey Jack discovers the last clue from a location, he can search the top cards of his deck for a Relic or Charm card and play it at a reduced cost. The higher the shroud of his location, the deeper the search and the greater the discount! Not only that, but his elder sign effect cashes in on having multiple Relics and Charms in play, giving you 1 resource for each!

With this new ability, Monterey’s deck can include all sorts of Relics and Charms to make his trips through the tombs even more interesting. Disc of Itzamna (Revised Core Set, 41) is a great way to get him out of the way of a tough enemy quickly while discarding itself to open his accessory slot again for another great tool like the Eon Chart (Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion, 100) or Cherished Keepsake (Path to Carcosa Investigator Expansion, 114). Aspiring collectors will want to bring along Relic Hunter to ensure they have enough slots for all their relics and charms!

Monty’s Trusty Bullwhip (Parallel Investigators, 63) is getting the advanced treatment as well, costing just 1 resource and granting you a +2 bonus to your skill test while using it. But we can’t give you an advanced signature without an advanced weakness to go along with it, and the new Buried Secrets (Parallel Investigators, 64) is harder than ever to dig up! Of course, if you’re not scared of getting buried along with those secrets, you can include Monty’s advanced signatures instead of his original signatures when building a deck!

Relics of the Past

Much like parallel Jim Culver before him, Monterey Jack arrives with his own challenge scenario. In “Relics of the Past,” Monty revisits “The Doom of Eztli” from The Forgotten Age Campaign Expansion, with new challenges and new rewards. Relics of the Past features a new take on the explore mechanic from The Forgotten Age campaign, along with a unique set of Supplies only found in this scenario!

Monty will need to explore his way through the ruins, opening up new paths to long-sealed chambers before finding his way to the coveted Inner Chamber. After reaching the innermost chamber, Monterey must locate as many Ancient Relics as he can, such as the Jade Crocodile (Parallel Investigators, 73). But beware of the Dweller in the Pit (Parallel Investigators, 66b)! This monstrous reptile will hunt Monterey Jack down and threaten to reverse all of his hard work recovering those artifacts!

Monterey Jack and The Forgotten Age campaign represent some of my favorite elements of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and exploring new versions of each of these has been a real treat for me as a designer. You can download the Monterey Jack and Relics of the Past cards (41.5 MB) and rules insert (6.19 MB) today. And don’t worry, if it feels like something is missing from this parallel lineup, we’re not done with them yet!

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