Available Now: August 11

The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE! is Now Available for Download


The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE!

It started when a second creature sprang from the meteorite. An oozeling that seemed completely severed from the joint consciousness of the rest of Subject 8L-08’s manifold offspring. It seems to have imprinted on the researchers. It does not devour on pure instinct, but rather, only when directed or fed. They gave it a new designation: 5U-21.

The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE! is a special batch of print-and-play cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This card set brings two new things to the table: a brand-new playable investigator, and an enhanced version of the original The Blob That Ate Everything scenario! Both were featured during our Gen Con 2023 Arkham Horror: The Card Game event,and now all of these cards are available to download and print from our website!

You can find all the materials for this special batch of print-and-play by following these links: investigator cards (19.4 MB), mini card (0.45 MB), scenario cards (19.4 MB), rules (16.8 MB)

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