The Blob That Ate Everything Else!

Introducing a New Investigator and Enhanced Scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


It started when a second creature sprang from the meteorite. An oozeling that seemed completely severed from the joint consciousness of the rest of Subject 8L-08’s manifold offspring. It seems to have imprinted on the researchers. It does not devour on pure instinct, but rather, only when directed or fed. They gave it a new designation: 5U-21.

It is a truly human thing to emotionally attach oneself to something so alien, but as 5U-21 grew in size and adapted more and more human mannerisms, it seemed to attach itself to the researchers as well. It started to mimic humanity at almost every level; it changed its shape to that of a human being, right down to adopting the functions of some human organs.

Some of the researchers even began affectionately calling it by the moniker “Suzi.”

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE!, a special batch of print-and-play cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

This card set brings two new things to the table: a brand-new playable investigator, and an enhanced version of the original The Blob That Ate Everything scenario! Both will be featured during our Gen Con 2023 Arkham Horror: The Card Game event, but even if you can’t make it to the event, worry not; we will make all of these cards available to download and print from our website the following week!

The Anomaly

Meet Subject 5U-21 (1), also known as “Suzi.” She may not really be human, but she’s trying her best to be a part of humanity!

Like Subject 8L-08 before her, Suzi is capable of devouring just about anything. She begins the game with her signature asset, Ravenous (2a), in play on its “Controlled Hunger” side, which gives her a boost to each of her skills for each card she devours. She can devour pretty much anything, and she can get each of her skills up to a whopping 6 when she maxes out the effect on Ravenous, but she has to be careful; if she gives into her Uncontrolled Hunger (2b), then cards she devours get set aside out of play, and she can’t stop devouring even if she wants to!

Fortunately, Suzi has a trick to help her keep her hunger in check. Her signature event Regurgitation (3) lets her give some of those devoured cards back to their owners while also letting her heal some damage or horror, and she can even retrieve cards that were set aside by Uncontrollable Hunger. She’ll still have to contend with her Reality Acid (4) and its tendency to devour random (5a) aspects (5b) of existence, but don’t worry—she’s got everything under control.

The Blob Returns

As for the scenario, The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE! expands the original The Blob That Ate Everything in almost every way. Two new encounter sets, The Blob That Ate Everything Else and Mi-Go Incursion II, join those from the original scenario, bringing new monsters like the Replicating Aberration (10) and the Mi-Go Scientist (15) into the fray. New story cards put new twists and turns in the narrative, and if you’re playing in Epic Multiplayer Mode, there are even more opportunities to work together with the other teams, and also more opportunities for the event organizer to mix things up!

We don’t want to spoil too many of the surprises hidden in this special set, so we’ll leave you with this last little tidbit: remember the Reality Acid table from The Blob That Ate Everything? Well, The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE! replaces that table with a new one…and the new one is four times the size!

An All-Consuming Event

As we mentioned earlier, this special set of cards will be featured in our Arkham Horror: The Card Game events at Gen Con 2023. Anyone who participates will get to go home with their own printed copy of Suzi and her signature cards, but both her cards and the scenario’s cards will be available for print-and-play on our website just a week later for everyone else!

Are you all excited to meet Suzi? Good, because she’s excited to meet all of you!

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